Soie de Lune at George Spencer Designs

08 May 24

With a very British heritage stretching back nearly 80 years, George Spencer Designs’ fabrics have a hallmark style of their own; designerly, natural and organic.  Alongside their in-house collections, George Spencer Designs represent a few carefully chosen international fabric and wallpaper houses that share the same feel and ethos.

New to George Spencer Designs is London-based company Soie de Lune. Producing luxurious fabrics showcasing traditional Lao designs, Soie de Lune’s collections are expertly handwoven by talented artisans in their weaving workshop in Laos. Featuring contemporary colours and intricate geometric brocades, the unique fabrics are designed to elevate interiors. 

Sustainability is an important aspect of Soie de Lune’s ethos, and the very nature of handweaving, combined with using only natural materials, ensures they meet high standards whilst preserving the age-old craft of Lao handweaving for future generations. The finest wool, silk, cotton and linen are used to produce beautifully intricate designs, taking inspiration from traditional Lao motifs combined with contemporary ideas to make fabrics perfect for modern interiors.

Soie de Lune's latest collection comprises 5 striking designs, inspired by three key ideas: combining heritage design with contemporary innovation; crafting fabrics that offer both durability and beauty; and nurturing and respecting artisanal Lao communities. 
Notably, Ruche Ikat is inspired by a traditional ikat design, reimagined in linen, rather than traditional silk, for a soft and delicate finish. The design is a collaboration between Soie de Lune and an artisanal village in Thailand, with the aim of promoting and demonstrating the superior weaving skills of the craftsmen who live there.