Colour Drenching: Advice from Francesca’s Paints

18 Mar 24

A growing trend is colour drenching - a design technique where a single colour or a few closely related shades dominate a space. Bold and striking, colour drenching is the perfect way to create a statement and show personality in the home. Colour drenching can be utilised in any room and is a fabulous way to create interest; even the smallest rooms, such as bathrooms, cloakrooms and utilities, can look beautiful when painted in a uniform colour. 

Francesca Wezel, founder of
Francesca’s Paints, regularly utilises the technique for projects. “Applying just one colour throughout the entire space, creates a cohesive and visually impactful look, as well as a sense of harmony and unity,” says Francesca. “Colour drenching makes a bold statement and evokes different moods, depending on the chosen colour palette.”

Although a bold design choice, colour drenching can be softened by using a variety of techniques. “Using the same shade in varying tones and saturations can add depth to a space and prevent the colour from becoming overwhelming. Colour drenching with lighter shades, such as a pale blue or subtle yellow, can produce a space that is still very interesting but exudes serenity,” she explains. “Enveloping a room in just one colour can make you feel cocooned and produces a real sense of cosiness.”