Small But Perfectly Formed New Mini Basins | Eloise + Sadie

13 Mar 24

Two new basins join London Basin Company’s collection of minis. Retaining their decorative charm and rich detailing, the scaled-down size makes them perfect for interiors where space is limited. 

The Sadie, originally a full-size basin, has been neatly scaled down for smaller bathrooms or for cloakrooms. Inspired by desert dunes and their dynamic nature, the Mini Sadie features a hand-carved pattern that is reminiscent of wave-sculpted ripples in the sand. A bold, black double band adds decorative interest to the design and gives the Mini Sadie an exceptionally eye-catching quality.

Hand-painted with the utmost skill, the Eloise showcases a series of serene East Asian landscapes, featuring traditional dwellings, mountain ranges and wildlife. In classic blue & white, this elegant mini basin is deliciously detailed; a peek inside reveals an intricate decorative border at the rim, with more delightful scenes circling its base.  A true work of art, it is sure to create an impressive centrepiece for bathrooms and cloakrooms. Eloise is the second mini basin in the collection that is exclusively available as a mini.