A Winter Warmer: Drying Racks & Rails from Blake & Bull

31 Oct 23

Utilise the heat from an Aga range cooker this winter with Blake & Bull’s bespoke drying racks and rails.

The beauty and benefit of a Blake & Bull Aga range cooker is the warmth they radiate throughout a room. To take advantage of this feature, Blake & Bull have created bespoke drying racks and rails, designed so that customers can dry almost anything from textiles, linens and cloths to everyday clothing items.

Placing laundry directly onto range cookers can cause damage to the enamel, so the collection is specifically designed to keep items either atop or near their Aga, Rayburn and Everhot cookers, but still close enough to harness the radiating heat. The range is also designed with sustainability in mind, allowing people to offset their energy use and reduce reliance on tumble dyers.

Made exclusively for Blake & Bull in the UK, the drying collection includes single rail airers, multi-layered as well as floor mounted ladder racks.