Sea Change: A New Collection from ZAK+FOX @ George Spencer Designs

09 May 22

Inspired by the mysteries and majesties of the sea, the new Sea Change collection from ZAK+FOX is a conceptual take on the maritime myths and historical folklore that surrounds the world’s oceans. One of the most expansive ranges ZAK+FOX have ever designed, the collection features sixteen new fabrics and three new wallpapers, each illustrating a different mystical tale

Exclusive to
George Spencer Designs in the UK, ZAK+FOX is one of the most sought-after brands in US interiors.   Established in New York in 2012, ZAK+FOX is informed by history and myth, folklore and fable. Referencing artisan crafts and historic patterns encountered on his travels, Creative Director Zak Profera leads a skilled team of artists, designers, craftspeople and collaborators to build collections around layered narratives and complex techniques.