New: 'Elements' Collection from Lapicida

24 Mar 22

New from Lapicida, ‘Elements’ is a diverse collection of Italian porcelain tiles featuring 5 distinct ranges, each available in a selection of styles and colourways. Taking inspiration from the elements of the earth, as well as modern technologies, the collection is carefully curated to reflect the beauty of natural materials. Each surface has been chosen for its innovative features and unique characteristics.


Bold and impactful, Elements Concrete offers a cool, chic look for interiors, bringing an ultra-industrial edge to walls and floors. Available in five tonal colourways, ranging from a pale, soft white to a dark moody grey, it can be used in both classic and contemporary settings.

800 x 800 x 9mm


Inspired by the exquisite Italian frescoes of the Renaissance period, Elements Earth brings a sophisticated rusticism to interiors. Replicating the unique textured finish of fresco paintings, the tiles are available in several soft earthy tones. The range also includes a decorative star-adorned design. 

800 x 800 x 9mm
Celestial 1200 x 1200 x 9mm


Very much in line with the trend for metallic finishes in the home, the Elements Metal range offers three eye catching colourways. From the aquatic tones of Mint, the bright white of Frozen and the zingy burnt umber of Copper, it achieves a highly modern look and is the perfect tile for creating statement floors and walls. 

800 x 800 x 9mm


Subtly and authentically toned and textured, Elements Stone offers the beauty of natural stone but with the easy installation, affordability and extraordinary durability of porcelain. Available in varying colourways, ranging from the warm and creamy Itria to darker Gardena.

800 x 800 x 9mm
Natural and White 1200 x 600 x 9mm


Perfectly capturing the look and feel of ‘time worn’ wood, the Elements Wood range offers both style and beauty, with the added benefits of a porcelain surface. Featuring a soft touch finish and a reflective quality, it brings a bright, contemporary feel to interiors. A versatile range, it is available in a choice of styles including plank, chevron and square, and comes in a choice of authentic colourways.

800 x 800 x 9mm 

1200 x 200 x 9.5mm 

450 x 75 x 9mm