The Britannia Collection by Zandra Rhodes for Gainsborough

23 Mar 22

Launched in Spring 2022, ‘The Britannia Collection’ is an exciting new collaboration between two of Britain’s most iconic design names; silk weaving house Gainsborough and legendary fashion designer Dame Zandra Rhodes

Skilfully composed and curated, the collection showcases a fusion of two distinct yet complementary aesthetics: the refined grandeur of Gainsborough’s exquisite designs alongside the bold, liberated style that characterises Zandra’s work.

Featuring two exuberant fabrics, O-Gee Whizz and Fabulous Frills, ‘The Britannia Collection’ is woven using traditional weaving practices, on heritage looms at Gainsborough’s historic mill in Suffolk. Both designs incorporate Zandra’s signature style of free-flowing patterns and prints, as well as her use of bold, captivating colours. 

Having presented a series of initial hand painted designs, developed especially for Gainsborough, Zandra worked in close partnership with the team, delving into Gainsborough’s glorious design archive and exploring intricate production processes, eventually arriving at the perfect sympatico designs for the collection. 

As a result, the collection captures both the craft and finery of British textile design, as well a contemporary decorative style perfectly suited to today’s interiors. 


O-Gee Whizz presents a vibrant new take on the Ogee pattern, infusing the traditional motif with Zandra’s signature four petalled daisy design, arranged in winding daisy chain lines that accentuate the decorative Ogee form. The fabric is woven using alternating shades, giving it an elegant diagonal look. Available in four colourways: Green Jewel, Cornflower, Echinacea and Aster.

Composition: Cotton 81%, Silk 19% | Width: 137cm 


Laid over Zandra’s classic Wiggle design in miniature form, Fabulous Frills features wonderfully exaggerated, frilled wavy lines that run the length of the fabric, eventually exploding into dramatic, curled swirls. Available in a gamut of gorgeous pastels, as well as iconic Zandra pink: Roman Rhode, Ice Rhode, Yellow Brick Rhode, Dusty Rhode.

Composition: 100% cotton | Width: 137cm 

Bespoke trimmings by Heritage Trimmings