Grey: A Forever Neutral - Francesca's Paints

22 Mar 22

Calm, cool and sophisticated, grey is a timeless neutral that can be used throughout the home.  Easy to live with, it has a subtle refinement that has made it one of the most popular colour choices in interior design. With many different shades to choose from it is highly flexible and is easily paired with a multitude of different colours. 

Shown here, ‘Giacomo’s Cement’ from
Francesca’s Paints grounds this space and contributes to an easy, relaxed feel that is perfect for bedroom interiors. On grey, Francesca says: “Grey is one of the most versatile colours; it is made from black and white but can be mixed with any other pigments to achieve a different look. It’s a fantastic background colour and pairs well with almost every other colour, especially teal and mustard yellow.” 

Founded in 1996 by colourist Francesca Wezel, Francesca’s Paints offers an unparalleled bespoke paint mixing service. Alongside her 24 paint collections, Francesca creates entirely bespoke colours, mixed to suit clients’ exact needs. One of the very first eco paint companies in the UK, sustainability and environmentalism lies at the heart of Francesca’s Paints; many of the paints are entirely plastic free, breathable, and free from solvents, making them perfect for use in any room.