Bold Bedrooms: Elevate your Space

21 Feb 22

Increasingly people are turning away from neutral tones in the bedroom and are instead embracing deeper, bolder hues. Rich, complex colours like moody blues, jewel greens and blood red have a warm intensity that, as well as adding character and depth to a space, also contribute to a calm, relaxing atmosphere - something that is essential when designing bedroom interiors.   

Shown here, ‘Benjamin’s Oxblood’ paint from
Francesca’s Paints elevates this bedroom, adding vibrancy to the space. Designed by Fiona Campbell Design, the bedroom showcases a clever balance of colour, tones, and textures. 

On using darker shades in the bedroom, Francesca says: “Dark colours are a great choice for the bedroom as they create a warm, cosy atmosphere and look wonderful at night. Sometimes people can feel slightly intimidated when using dark colours in the bedroom, however they are actually very calming and endearing.”

Interior Design: Fiona Campbell Design