Masterful Makeover - Contemporary Shower Room from Drummonds

17 Jan 22

This previously outdated 1990s-style bathroom has been completely transformed into a sleek, contemporary en-suite shower room.

Swathed in terracotta, the previous design failed to take advantage of the full size of the room. To remedy this, the old bath was removed, opening up the space to make way for a capacious walk-in shower.

The owner wanted the new shower room to have a classic, masculine feel. Bold, robust and grounded in classic English design,
Drummonds’ bathroomware matched the brief perfectly.  

A tall industrial-style shower screen cleverly divides the room into two distinct zones. Drummonds’ floor standing Grand shower dominates in the ‘wet area’ and is in perfect proportion with the room’s high ceilings.  Occupying the ‘dry zone’, the Single Locky vanity is finished with a luxurious Verde Guatemala marble top and paired with the deco-inspired Chessleton basin mixer, adding a touch of opulence to the scheme. Geometric, statement floor tiles help unify the two spaces.
An Antique Brushed Brass finish features throughout; juxtaposed with the deep green Verde Guatemala marble and the simple, handmade white wall tiles, it allows the fittings to really pop and gives the brassware a lived-in feel.

Speaking to the choice of brassware, the owner says: “We chose Drummonds for the fixtures and fittings because the products really are of the highest quality and finish.”