Think Pink with Francesca's Paints

27 Nov 21

Incredibly versatile and offering a kaleidoscope of shades and tones to choose from, pink is no longer a controversial colour choice when it comes to the home. Increasingly described as a ‘new neutral’, pink brings warmth and elegance to interiors, helping to brighten even the smallest of spaces. 

This compact utility room is bathed in the bold and vibrant ‘Rudranath Temple’ from
Francesca’s Paints. Used for the room’s walls and ceiling, it helps add character and life to the space and provides a strong contrast to the warmth of the wooden worktops and furniture. Its rich tone reacts beautifully to the natural light streaming in from above, meaning that the colour is changeable depending on the time of day. 

With over 200 different paint colours to choose from, Francesca’s Paints offers a wide variety of pinks. One of her favourite colours to work with, Francesca says: “A very versatile colour, pink looks good in practically every room of the house. I have included various shades of pink in many of my collections, because it really is one of my favourite colours.”

Interior Design: Ana Engelhorn