Francesca's Paints | Latest Collections: A Colourful Tale

16 Nov 20

Founded in 1996 by passionate colourist Francesca Wezel, Francesca’s Paints was one of the very first companies to offer sustainable paints in the UK. 2021 marks 25 years of the original eco paint company and celebrates a life in colour.

Inspired by travel, nature and art, Francesca’s offering includes 24 paint collections, with a choice of over 200 different colours. Creative and thematic, each collection tells an individual story and offers a conceptual take on the meaning of colour. Her two most recent collections are no exception:   
Poison into Medicine 

Curated in collaboration with contemporary painter Dillwyn Smith, ‘Poison into Medicine’ takes inspiration from a 15th century painting: The Nativity by Piero della Francesca. Offering 10 soothing, coordinating colours, the collection aims to emulate the serenity and divine beauty of this artistic masterpiece. Taking its name from an ancient Buddhist treatise, Poison into Medicine encapsulates the notion that each person possesses the power to transform suffering and hardship into something positive - a mantra that has informed much of Dillwyn’s life. 

Colours of my Mind

Symbolising a synthesis of words and colours, ‘Colours of my Mind’ was developed in collaboration with English author Raffaella Barker.  Having undertaken personalised colour consultations with Francesca for many years and impressed by the vibrancy and dynamism of Francesca’s paints, the two began to visualise and explore the idea of words as colours. Together they have developed a delicate colour palette that captures the spirit of literature and embodies the pleasures of reading.