A Family Affair

12 Nov 20

Located in a conservation area surrounded by woodlands, this Regency house was completely reconfigured to accommodate a brand new kitchen/dining space, complete with a utility and wine cellar. Having moved from central London in search of greener spaces, this property offered the new owners the perfect opportunity to create their dream home. However, with a strong eye for symmetry and detail, it soon became clear that the existing layout didn’t work with their vision for the house, particularly when it came to the kitchen.

Sited furthest away from the main hallway, the old kitchen felt disconnected from the key living areas, while an indoor pool stole prime position. After some deliberation, it was decided the pool should be filled in and a kitchen put in its place.

Having admired
Martin Moore’s classic style for years, they were the owners’ first choice when it came to designing and building the new space. Designer David Sant formed an instant connection with the family and had an immediate understanding of their vision. The brief was to create an elegant, timeless kitchen with a warm inviting feel. 

Instrumental in achieving this was the couple’s prized AGA. Not only the culinary hub within the space, it also acts as the centre point for the daily comings and goings of family life, serving as a rendezvous point for the whole household.  The central island was similarly crucial in creating the perfect space. Not only does it separate the cooking zone from the social area, the island’s bowed design ensures that family and friends can comfortably face each other when socialising. Two drop-level Walnut worktops were installed at either end of the island, one used as desk area where the children can do their homework and the other featuring an electric wine cooler. Finally, dedicated ‘tech drawers’ conceal numerous charging sockets for all the family’s phones, laptops and tablets. 

Whilst it was important for the kitchen to feel comfortable and inviting, it was also essential that the craftmanship of the cabinetry shone through and that the space remained clutter free. To this end, Martin Moore designed and built two spacious appliance cupboards at either side of the AGA, housing a microwave, coffee machine, food processor and various other items. Ample storage space was built into the island, helping to keep everything close at hand when cooking.

Due to the vast size of the new space, it was vital that there was a cohesive flow throughout and that the room had architectural symmetry. Because Martin Moore kitchens are entirely built to order in their Yorkshire workshops, there are no prescribed designs or sizes to limit either the client’s brief or the designer.  This allows a completely bespoke response which respects and enhances the architecture of the room whilst putting every inch of space to its most effective use.  Two of the rooms four A-frame wooden beams were removed and the island was centred between the remaining two. Skylights were added to the pitched roof, allowing natural light to seep in from above. 

Everything in the space is connected by a shared colour palette and use of materials: wooden floors and burnished brass handles bring warmth, the same stone used for the marble splashback can be seen in the interiors of the appliance cupboards and inlaid patterned tiles at the cooking zone provide a visual link to the same stone flooring in the dining room. Wooden accents in the wine room echo the walnut used in the kitchen. The result is a timeless, classic kitchen with a calm, coordinated feel. 
Cabinetry from Martin Moore’s Classic collection, handpainted in Pale Ivory 
Worktops: Bianco Assoluto quartz & Verona quartz
Splashback: Volakas marble