A Rum Fellow x George Spencer Designs: The Kindred Collection

25 Aug 20

KINDRED marks a major departure for A Rum Fellow, moving from their hallmark woven fabrics to explore traditional print techniques including wood block, screen and etched rotary printing.  Each of these methods bring a hand-crafted quality to the collection, freeing the designer to work in different ways. 

Caroline Lindsell, co-founder of
A Rum Fellow with partner Dylan O’Shea, designed Kindred in close collaboration with Tim Walters of George Spencer Designs.  The collection offers five printed designs in co-ordinating colourways, with base cloths specially woven to bring texture and handle to the printed cotton and linen fabrics. 

Inspired by A Rum Fellow’s work with artisan communities around the world, where textiles often embody local cultural traditions and folk tales, the Kindred collection is a playful and colourful expedition to create a spirited and inclusive new tribe

In creating these exuberant geometrics, Caroline devised a new visual language, taking its cue from tribal textiles which reflect their world in stylised motifs.  Caroline’s new tribal motifs, taken from her own life, combine urban architectural elements with natural features observed in her travels from lost cities in Central America to mountain ranges in Central Asia. 

Combining linen and cotton, the collection includes three weights of fabric, all suitable for upholstery, curtains and cushions.  The patterns range from large to small-scale and the colours are inter-related. These factors combine to make Kindred perfect for layering, building up a sophisticated new take on tribal style.