New ... The Meon bath

06 May 20

A clever solution in bathroom planning, Drummonds’ new Meon bath offers the practicality of above-the-floor plumbing whilst retaining all the style and elegance of a traditional cast iron bath.

The skirt of the Meon has been carefully crafted to allow pipework to be connected above the floor but concealed from sight.  The result is a bath which both maximises available space and provides the comfort of a classic double-ended design.

As with all Drummonds’ cast irons baths, the Meon is made to order, and is available with four bespoke finish options: painted (shown here), polished, primed, or raw metal.

Shown here:

The Meon bath with a painted exterior
L: 1710 x W: 730 x H: 588 mm

Taps: Chessleton Wooden Lever floor standing bath & shower mixer in Nickel finish