Felt Rugs ... Sustainable, Renewable, Natural and Beautiful

26 Nov 19

Incorporating sustainability into interior design is more important than ever and choosing materials that have a low environmental impact and which look good provides the ultimate feel good factor.  Shyrdak rugs offered by Felt have been made in the same way for thousands of years; using extremely low impact processes they are sustainable, renewable, natural and 100% biodegradable.

Each rug is made from raw wool which has been flattened with boiling water, rolled up in a reed mat and then ‘felted’ by being dragged across mountain pastures behind a galloping horse. The surface felts are coloured and then used to create geometric patterns which are bound to the base with strong stitching.    

Shyrdak colours range from the dazzlingly bright to subtly muted tones, offering a wide range of decorative possibilities for both contemporary and traditional interiors.  The rugs are perfect for floors and wall hangings and sizes range from small (0.8m x 1m) to room sized (2m x 3.5m).  Bespoke rugs can be commissioned in chosen colours, patterns and sizes.