Saluté Collection from Gainsborough

22 Oct 19

Established in 1903 in Sudbury, Suffolk, Gainsborough is amongst Britain’s last remaining silk weaving houses.  From its earliest days, the company produced important commissions for companies such as Liberty and Morris & Co and for the Royal Household.  Another long association was with Cunard and the White Star Line and in 1911, Gainsborough produced bespoke silk for RMS Titanic.  This historic design, called Saluté, demonstrated the virtuosity of Gainsborough’s designers and weavers which continues to this day. 

Saluté Collection

Whether in silk, cotton, wool or any combination of natural yarns, every fabric that Gainsborough has ever woven is sampled and minutely detailed within the design archive.  Drawing on this extraordinary resource, Saluté Collection offers seven archival designs, recoloured for modern living.

A grand Italian baroque design in four colourways including the characterful green that featured in the Titanic.
57% Silk, 26% Flax, 17% Cotton

A small geometric brocatelle weave with a raised texture.  Added to the archive over a century ago, it looks fresh and modern in four new colourways. 
59% Wool, 16% Cotton, 25% Silk

Damascus Stripe 
An adapted French Empire damask stripe, this stunning design is part of Gainsborough’s founder’s original archive and has been woven to the same silk and cotton composition in four colourways.
54% Cotton, 46% Silk

Inspired by 18th Century ‘French Bizarre’, a style originally derived from Ottoman textiles, Hedera has an organic flowing design which comes in four colourways.
100% Silk

St George
St George is an outstanding example of Renaissance (16th Century) Italianate design. Luxuriously woven as a brocatelle with a raised silk figuring, echoing a hand-cut silk velvet. Four colourways.
49% Silk, 24% Flax, 27% Cotton

The juxtaposition of wool and silk creates the impression of molten metal in this elegant small decorative design, derived from the Aesthetic Movement of the 19th Century. Two colourways.
42% Wool, 33% Silk, 25% Cotton

Named after the chinoiserie willows taking centre stage in this design, Salix is inspired by a mid-18th Century brocade collected by Gainsborough’s founder, Reginald Warner, on his grand tour of Europe at the turn of the 20th Century. Three colourways.
100% Silk

The 7 designs in the Saluté Collection are all available from stock in several colourways.