Gainsborough Weaving - Celebrating Bentley's Centenary

23 Jul 19

One of Britain’s longest established weavers, Gainsborough was Bentley’s natural choice to make a bespoke cotton damask for the door linings, floor and bulkhead.  Created by Gainsborough’s Head of Design in conjunction with Bentley’s Colour and Trim team, the pattern was designed to be organic, with a natural play of light from warp to weft.  

Dyed and hand-woven in six individual pieces, the fabric features a subtle ombre gradation developed specially for this project using 5 Bentley-specific colours.  These meld with other natural materials in the cabin to create a cohesive whole and are given yet another decorative dimension on the door panels, which feature Trapunto embroidery. 

Alongside 5,000-year-old solid riverwood, Scottish leather, Cumbrian crystal, British farmed Rare Breed wool carpet and hand tooled saddle leather, Gainsborough’s bespoke weaving completes the cabin of this matchless car.

Founded in 1903 in Sudbury, where it remains to this day, Gainsborough is famous for its exceptional fabrics and works internationally for interiors and fashion clients as well as in the luxury automotive, yacht and aviation industries.