New ... Natura Morta Wallpaper

04 Dec 18

Exclusive to George Spencer Designs in the UK, Maison C’s quirky, witty wallpapers take their inspiration from nature and fine art, rendered with a dreamlike quality.  

The art of Still Life (Natura Morta) is always full of symbolism and Maison C’s design reveals a lush inner world in the spirit of Dali and Man Ray.  Posing the question “Surreal or oh so real?”, it weaves together the snake of temptation, veiled emotions, and the bittersweet nature of unrequited love. 


Width: 68.5cm
Class A Clay-coated paper

Colourways, clockwise from top left: Mahogany, Midnight Blue, Goldwyn Pink, Ochre, Serena, White, Forest & Apricot