A Loft’ monobloc mixer tap in Vintage Brass hits the perfect note in this coolly luxurious kitchen, part of the total refurbishment of a 1930’s house. Referencing the Arts & Crafts details of the original house, every element of the scheme has a deceptively simple demeanor, throwing focus onto the refined beauty of the materials and their forms. One of The Watermark Collection’s signature designs, ‘Loft’ emphasizes all the pleasing weight and individuality of their handmade brassware. 

Interior design by: Kinnersley Kent Design
Photographer: Kate Berry

Dogma d.05 washbasins from Alternative Bathrooms are an integrated countertop concept. They are part of the new Dogma modular bathroom system which melds Italian style with a Zen-like focus on harmony and balance.
Available in five sizes (see above) the d.05 integrated washbasins are compatible with a wide range of Dogma elements, from a simple, modern vanity stand to many different cabinetry and storage options. Natural materials abound in the Dogma collection, including metal, timber, porcelain and marble.   
Dogma d.05 basins are made in white Cristalplant, a durable marble-based composite.

The leading experts in shaped blinds, Grand Design Blinds can shade and screen even the most challenging shapes and areas of glass.  Each project is a unique challenge, needing a one-off response. Grand Design Blinds offer many different types of blinds, which combined with specialist materials and automated operating systems allow them to create shading solutions for even the most extraordinary locations.
Shown here: This bedroom needed a blackout solution but posed a series of challenges including a glass-to-glass corner and a casement window, meaning that the blind had to be fully retractable.
Grand Design Blinds engineered a series of solutions including reverse-rolling the blinds so that the fabric comes off the front of the tube rather than the back - allowing the two blinds to meet neatly in the corner. The right-hand blind is cut to the shape of the window for a fully tailored shape and slim aluminium pelmets hide the roller tubes, preventing light gaps above them.
Grand Design Blinds undertake projects worldwide. All of their blinds are handmade to order in the UK.

Founded in 1975 as one of the very first handmade kitchen companies, Martin Moore’s hallmark style has always been classic, timeless, English furniture with a quality which transcends fashion. The style has never stood still though, and over the years a refined contemporary look has emerged.  

The New Deco Kitchen marks an important milestone, as the first kitchen to be wholly designed by Richard Moore, the second generation of the Moore family.  He brings new materials and new looks to the kitchen, taking ‘classic contemporary’ into a new realm.

As with all Martin Moore kitchens, every piece of the New Deco Kitchen is custom designed and handmade in their Yorkshire workshops.  It draws inspiration from architects and craftsmen of the 1930’s, whose Art Deco designs featured clean, geometric lines and decorative materials shaped by exceptional craft skills. Likewise, this highly architectural design has remarkable construction and detailing which calls on the exceptional skills of the Martin Moore craftsmen. 

Whilst acknowledging its 20th Century inspirations, everything about the New Deco Kitchen is new, from the ‘floating’ freestanding pieces to the clever shadow-lines in all the cabinetry. Modern framing replaces traditional cornices and doors are either flush or simply framed without beading. Another important design signature is the use of feature materials, including porcelains and metallics, for both cladding and inset panels. These give this kitchen limitless design potential. 

New from the London Basin Company, the Isabella basin is a stylish modern take on traditional Moorish designs. Made in pale blue porcelain with a smooth satin finish, its distinctive flower shape is richly embellished with an intricate design of flowers and gemstones in amethyst purple and blue topaz. 
London Basin Company’s richly decorated porcelain basins make perfect accent pieces for bathrooms and cloakrooms. Interior designer Anna Callis, founder of the company, draws inspiration from her travels, creating her own modern interpretations of traditional Oriental and Middle Eastern patterns. 
Available to buy online, the London Basin Company offers 16 different basins in a variety of designs and shapes.  Every basin is a one-off, hand finished and generously sized; with dimensions running between 39.7 and 45cm in diameter and 14 to 16.2cm in height.  

Drummonds’ Serpentine cast iron bath has a very distinctive low-profile design.  Its curved, contoured sides and back add even more to the promise of total relaxation and comfort.
Now the Serpentine is available in two versions; with a new cast iron skirt (as seen here) or with art deco styled cast iron feet.
It takes Drummonds several weeks to make each bath; a traditional process involving casting the raw metal, shot-blasting and enamelling with the lengthy dry-frit process which gives a snow white, incredibly durable enamel surface. Each bath is then finished to order, creating a unique bathroom centrepiece. Options include polished & lacquered, raw iron, metal clad, primed or hand painted. 

Martin Moore Stone’s new decorative stone collection provides the perfect edit of today’s on-trend looks. Geometric themes in rich colours reflect the move back to pattern in our homes.
Shown above and below are ‘Jamaica’ and ‘Caicos’, two colourways of a modular design which can be laid in several ways to create varying designs. The pattern is contemporary, but the tiles are made using the traditional encaustic technique, giving a distinctive depth of colour and matt finish.  
Martin Moore Stone offers an exceptional range of wall and floor tiles, from limestone, marble, terracotta and porcelain to a wide selection of decoratives. They also supply exterior stone paving and fireplaces in natural stone and marble. 


Exclusive to George Spencer Designs in the UK, the Australian firm Quercus & Co is run by British-born designer, Adam Jones.  Painterly and distinctive, his designs are hand drawn and printed using the latest digital technology.  Named ‘Suketchi’ after the Japanese word for sketch, Quercus & Co’s wonderful new collection is inspired by Japanese illustrative design. The five patterns - Tempest, Windswept, Halcyon, Starlit and Cloudburst - each come in four colourways as both paper and fabric.
Quercus & Co’s wallpapers have a unique look and feel, printed on a luxurious heavyweight matt paper made from 100% sustainable sources, including 30% recycled materials. The fabrics are made from 100% linen and cotton. 


Perthshire Panelling is part of an exciting new collection of porcelain tiles from luxury stone specialist Lapicida. In warm wooden tones designed to replicate real rustic wood, the textured ‘planks’ offer an architectural look for walls and floors.
Expertly curated, Lapicida’s extensive porcelain collection comes in a wide range of sizes and a variety of authentic finishes. Chosen to work alongside their premium marble and stone they can be used together in the same projects, often as a solution to weight or thickness issues.  Many of Lapicida’s porcelains are also frost proof, designed to be used for exterior decorative finishes. 


A colour that embodies strength yet has a subtlety about it, Teal is perfect for today’s interiors. Whether planning an entire room scheme based on a lighter turquoise, a pure teal or a deep midnight shade, these beautiful Shyrdak rugs from Felt will lift the whole interior. 
Felt’s large collection of new and vintage Shyrdaks come in many colours and in all shapes and sizes from runners to room-size or round rugs. 

New Basins and Vanity Stands

London Basin Company’s richly decorated porcelain basins bring a classic art form to contemporary bathrooms. This year they will be exhibiting their new metal vanity stands alongside the original ten basins and five exciting new basin designs. Together the collection offers a new look at craftsmanship and luxury. 

Founded by interior designer Anna Callis and her daughter Nathalie, the concept grew from a search for a decorative basin to use in a project. The product Anna had in her mind simply did not exist, so she set out to create it. It took more than three years to develop the patterns and find the right porcelain factory to produce exquisite quality basins embellished with Anna’s own designs. Inspired by her travels, they cleverly meld a modern aesthetic with several centuries of decorative art from China, Japan, the Middle East and Europe. 

Every basin is hand finished using a variety of techniques. The patterns are applied in two main ways 'under the glaze' and 'over the glaze'. With under the glaze decorating, the pattern is applied to the porcelain, then the basins are glazed and fired. In the over the glaze technique, the basins are glazed and fired, then the pattern is applied and the basins are fired twice again to ensure paint durability.  The porcelain too, is strong and resilient, perfectly suited to bathroom use.

Anna Callis designs her basins to work as focus pieces in both classic and modern bathrooms. The choice of accompanying brassware will define the finished look and the basins sit perfectly with period or modern taps, in any finish from chrome to nickel, brass and gold.

In tune with this, London Basin Company’s chic new collection of handmade metal vanity stands comes with bespoke tops in a range of materials including wood, glass and laminate. The stands make a perfect match to the, now, fifteen different basin designs, which range from classic blue and whites to richly coloured patterns with gilded highlights. Generously sized, the basin dimensions in the range run between 39.7 and 45cm diameter and 14 to 16.2cm in height


Glazed gables, asymmetric windows, glass boxes and tall bi-folds are all part of the language of contemporary buildings. They make impressive statements, but can be hard to screen - a necessity for both privacy and climate control.
The leading experts in shaped blinds, Grand Design Blinds can shade and screen even the most challenging shapes and areas of glass.  Each project is a unique challenge, needing a one-off response. Grand Design Blinds offer many different types of blinds, which combined with specialist materials and automated operating systems allow them to create shading solutions for even the most extraordinary locations.

Shown here: Designed to make a strong architectural statement, this family kitchen in Surrey includes a new extension to a period building. Grand Design Blinds designed, made and installed bespoke Venetian blinds in an aluminium finish which echoes the industrial feel of the kitchen.

By night, the large sliding doors and angled window are completely screened. By day, the blinds can be retracted to give garden views or lowered/adjusted in response to the sun, cutting dazzle and keeping the kitchen cool.
Grand Design Blinds undertake projects worldwide. All of their blinds are handmade to order in the UK.
Joy of Living exhibition at One Poultry unites over 100 designers, architects and artists in support of Maggie’s Centres

Charity project Joy of Living returns this autumn, presenting over 150 original artworks to be sold to raise money for Maggie’s Centres. Design author Max Fraser has invited over 150 established and emerging designers to create a one-off artwork that expresses the ‘joy of living’, utilising three pieces of differently coloured paper supplied from the Colorplan range by G.F Smith. The signed works will be up for public bid from the 5th – 10th September 2017 and displayed at the Grade II listed postmodern One Poultry building in the City of London, designed by James Stirling. The project aims to raise more than £80,000 for Maggie’s, a charity that helps people to build a life beyond cancer, manage the impact of a diagnosis of cancer and to live with hope and determination.

Responding to the brief, artworks have been generously donated by a range of creative talent, including designers Jasper Morrison, Fredrikson Stallard, Barber & Osgerby, Tom Dixon, Ross Lovegrove, Eley Kishimoto and Ilse Crawford; architects John Pawson, Ivan Harbour and Steven Holl; jewellery designers Hannah Martin and Jade Jagger; and artists Daniel Eatock, Rolf Sachs and Jake & Dinos Chapman.

From a selection of 12 colours, the designers were each provided with three randomly-selected A4 coloured sheets and asked to manipulate the paper in any manner they desired, and to supply a short text on the inspiration for their piece. Although the work will be signed, it will be displayed anonymously and the name of the creator not revealed until the piece has been purchased. The intention is to encourage an emotional response for each piece and for buyers to fall in love with the art itself, not the name behind it.

For more information visit maggiescentres.org/joyofliving

All artwork is available to view and bid for online at: interactivefundraising.co.uk/joyofliving/

Donations towards the project can be made online at uk.virginmoneygiving.com/JoyofLiving

Once a farmhouse, this large family house in Yorkshire has undergone many changes in its time. One of its most significant transformations was an Edwardian extension, to which a period-style wooden conservatory was added about twenty years ago.

The current owners, who’ve lived in the house for fifteen years, decided to update not only the look of the house but also the way it flows.  At the heart of the project was the demolition of the original wooden conservatory, which they found chilly in winter and over-hot in summer, replacing it with a spectacular high-performance glass building designed and built by The Caulfield Company.

Linking the main house to a new pool house (formerly a barn) this double-volume building has a powerful architectural presence. It creates a multi-purpose family living space with dramatic views over open countryside and into an internal garden courtyard at the back.  

At the heart of The Caulfield Company’s designs are pioneering roof and door systems which offer not only the highest possible strength, noise cancelling and thermal values (up to Passivhaus requirements) but also the ability to create spectacular structures like this.  

The interior climate is comfortable year-round, controlled through the built-in weather station which monitors both the temperature and the angle of the sun, automatically raising and lowering the awnings to prevent heat build-up and glare. 

Bi-fold doors allow the entire building to open into the garden, with the inside/outside feel heightened by running the same stone flooring through from the living space out onto the terrace.

Entirely bespoke, the structure is all aluminium, designed by The Caulfield Company and built to order in Germany. 7.2 metres wide and 5 metres deep, it also has a 4 metres x 2 metres link into the pool house.  The roof’s dramatic reverse pitch has sight lines designed to create a strong visual connection with the existing buildings.  This is a key consideration when combining period and modern architecture.

The new Leawood tap and shower collection is designed by Martin Brudnizki for Drummonds as part of an ongoing collaboration producing inspirational bathroomware and accessories. 

The name behind many famous interiors, Martin Brudnizki and his ‘And Objects’ studio are famously focused on the ergonomics of how products are used, designing pieces which are as practical as they are beautiful.  

​This attention to detail shines through every aspect of the Leawood Collection. The hallmark flattened end on the lever controls was derived from careful observation of how tools developed to comfortably fit the human hand. They were also specifically designed to make the most of the centuries-old ‘lost wax’ process which Drummonds has always used to manufacture its brassware. 

Drummonds’ craftsmen worked closely with Martin Brudnizki’s team to finesse every element, right through from initial sketches into the finished products, with their strong, simple aesthetic.  This modern brassware is, literally, a work of art. 

Available in brass, chrome and nickel, the Leawood tap and shower collection pulls off the feat of being as much at home in a stark, minimal bathroom as in a traditional setting. This echoes the classic contemporary philosophy which runs through all of Drummonds’ products.

The collection comprises a floorstanding bath & shower mixer, wall mounted bath taps, shower controls, and wall and deck mounted basin taps.

Always a favourite with interior designers, George Spencer Designs are also the go-to name for trimmings.  Once the preserve of traditional upholstery and curtains, these are now making their way back into chic interiors, part of the resurgence of decorative detailing. 

Entirely handmade in England, the range includes block and bullion fringe, tassels, cords and braids, in mercerised cotton and wool. George Spencer’s house colours run through the entire collection, but a bespoke service is also available, offering custom-colouring and sizing to order.   

“The design is in the details” - an often-heard phrase and certainly true of the Clarabelle basin from the London Basin Company.  A gorgeous focus piece, Clarabelle’s intricate design features ancient Chinese patterns combined with more contemporary floral motifs.  Hints of gold add an extra luxurious finish.

Hand-decorated porcelain basins from the London Basin Company make perfect accent pieces for bathrooms and cloakrooms.  Interior designer Anna Callis, founder of the company, draws inspiration from her travels, creating her own modern interpretations of traditional Oriental and Middle Eastern patterns.  
A special collaboration during 2017 London Design Festival

Alongside the activities taking place in their own Kings Road showroom during the London Design Festival, Drummonds will also be part of ‘Designed At Talisman’. 

Talisman are featuring the work of eight leading interior and fashion designers, florists, artists and influencers, each creating a signature room within the Talisman ‘house’.  The bathroom is, of course, Drummonds’ special domain and they have commissioned interior designer Maurizio Pellizzoni to bring a glamorous eye to the collaboration. 

Expect a suitably dramatic response from the supremely stylish Pellizzoni, showcasing the sheer luxury and panache of Drummonds’ classic handmade bathroomware…  

‘Designed At Talisman’ runs from 15 September - 6 October 2017
at Talisman London, 79-91 New King’s Road, London, SW6 4SQ
AUGUST 24TH 2017
Launching ‘The 5th Room’

Known for their innovative design in kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces, DesignSpace London are launching ‘The 5th Room’. The new must-have for any home where cooking and entertaining take centre-stage, this temperature and humidity-controlled walk-in pantry integrates seamlessly into the kitchen. Individually designed and built, it offers a dedicated chilled space custom-fitted with storage systems.

As part of LDF, Wednesday 20th September sees the DesignSpace showroom hosting a by-invitation only talk with homewares brand Joseph Joseph’s co-founders, focussing on the design process behind their exciting new bathroom collection, which will be on display. The talk is followed by a cookery event in the demo kitchen, featuring state-of-the-art Gaggenau appliances.

Please contact Arc if you would like to attend the evening
AUGUST 17TH 2017
Fashion colours come and go, but neutrals are always just right...

Alongside its vibrant colourways, Felt always offers an inspiring collection of neutrals made using only the naturally occurring colours in the sheep wool, with no dyes or treatments. Ranging from browns and greys through to cream, they form infinitely subtle and beautiful backdrops for elegant interiors.

Measuring 0.8m x 1.75m these two rugs were cut from the same sheets of felt. Part of the age-old process of making Shyrdak rugs, it creates a perfect ‘positive and negative’ pair.    

Shyrdak colours range from the dazzlingly bright to subtly muted tones, offering a wide range of decorative possibilities for both contemporary and traditional interiors. Perfect for both floors and walls a wide selection is always available from stock and Felt’s customers can also commission bespoke rugs. 
AUGUST 10TH 2017
New at Alternative Bathrooms, Majestic’s MetalCraft shower screens offer a linear, architectural look for modern bathrooms. 

Aluminium framed and fitted with safety glass, MetalCraft screens come in three variants, from the simple ‘Frame’ to the three-sectioned ‘Horizon’ and multi-paned ‘Trellis’, with its on-trend look of the classic Crittall windows.  

Standard and bespoke sizes of MetalCraft screens are now available from Alternative Bathrooms showrooms. 

Alongside their own collections, George Spencer Designs represent a few carefully chosen US and European fabric houses which share the same feel and ethos. The line-up includes Californian Interior Designer Katerina Tana, whose artisan screen-printed natural textiles have a delicate, ethereal beauty.  
Coralshade’ is a new collection by Katerina Tana, now available in the UK exclusively from George Spencer. Hand-screened onto 100% sustainably produced Belgian linen, it comes in six ocean-inspired colourways. 129cm wide, it is suitable for curtains, cushions, blinds and light upholstery. 
The Tyne bath is Drummonds’ first ever all-copper bath, offering a much less weighty option to their famous Usk bath (which is made from cast iron and then copper clad).
The design is a classic roll-top, based on an 18th Century bateau bath, and it comes in three different interior/exterior options. 
o Black exterior & nickel interior
o Copper exterior & copper interior
o Copper exterior & nickel interior
The Tyne bath measures L1700 x W690 x H720mm


Set in lush countryside, this house has spectacular views, especially from the kitchen’s massive glazed gable end.  The owners wanted to screen the windows to give privacy, especially after dark, but also to prevent heat build-up on sunny days. Unusually though, they did not want the blinds to reach right up into the apex of the gable – preferring to be able to see the sky at all times. 

In response to the brief, Grand Design Blinds designed, made and installed Duette pleated blinds in a soft white colourway.  These pull from the bottom of the windows upwards, so that no top rail interrupts the view.

Manually operated, the blinds run smoothly on tensioned wires which are almost invisibly set against the window frames.  Each blind is individual and can be set at any height, allowing maximum flexibility of screening across the height and width of the gable end. 

Grand Design Blinds undertake projects worldwide. All of their blinds are handmade to order in the UK.

Built in 1922, the 60ft ketch Tahilla was one of the Dunkirk Little Ships which ferried the stranded Allied troops to safety. Having just undergone a total refit by the renowned Dennett Boat Builders in Chertsey, her interiors have been taken to a new level of luxury described as “A sea-going version of the Orient Express.”

Lined throughout in American Black Walnut, with English Oak floors, Italian marble and gleaming copper and nickel elements, this is a project involving flawless craftsmanship and the highest specification of fixtures and fittings. It makes a perfect setting for the handmade ‘Zen’ brassware from The Watermark Collection, which combines traditional metalworking and finishing craft with a pure architectural aesthetic.

Galley: The Watermark Collection Zen 3 hole kitchen set in polished nickel with brushed nickel handles.

Bathroom: The Watermark Collection Zen 3 hole deck mounted basin set in polished copper with white Onyx handles and 3 hole wall mounted bath set in polished copper with white Onyx handles.


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