Sophie Conran’s new paint collection for Drummonds baths takes inspiration from her childhood memories and summer beach holidays with wonderfully evocative colours such as Beach Hut, Candyfloss and Helter Skelter.

Arranged as four co-ordinating colour groups, all with seaside themes, the shade card ranges from vivid brights to gentle neutrals.  Fresh and contemporary, they make perfect partners for Drummonds’ splendid freestanding cast iron baths, which are works of art in their own right.  Each bath is individually made using traditional casting and enamelling processes before being finished entirely to the customer’s specification.     

From Seaweed and Queen Coral to South Sea and Clown Fish, Sophie Conran’s new colours bring endless sunny shades to the bathroom.  Shown here Drummonds’ Tay bath is handpainted in Beach Hut.    Drummonds baths are from £3210.
Lace goes from strength to strength. Both on the catwalk and in interiors, it’s one of today’s strongest fashion trends.   
James Hare’s new Cosmos Lace is irresistible. Geometric lace panels are embroidered onto a solid back, creating a decorative fabric which is perfect for curtains, cushions, blinds and other stylish embellishments. 
Part of James Hare’s co-ordinating Prism Silks collection, Cosmos Lace comes in three subtle colourways; Frost, Plover and Slate. 137cm wide. 43%linen, 32% viscose, 15% poly, 8%cotton, 2% silk.  
Kenwood House has re-opened after 18 months of work to repair the fabric of the building and refresh the interiors. Working with English Heritage’s Curators, the architectural historian, interior designer and natural paint expert Edward Bulmer was asked to advise on updating the presentation of the Iveagh Bequest.
The brief was to bring new life to the display of the important collection of pictures given to the nation with Kenwood and its grounds by the 1st Earl of Iveagh, Edward Cecil Guinness.  Iveagh himself asked for the collection to be seen in the context of an 18th Century gentleman’s home. Edward well understood what this meant in terms of the pictures, having been involved with numerous picture hanging commissions in great houses all over the country. Equally, his experience in the furnishing of such houses was invaluable in working with the Curators to create a scheme which both evokes a Georgian home and shows pieces of Iveagh’s own furniture for the first time. It also introduces rugs, curtains and furniture for the public to actually use while visiting the house.
The Adam Stair Hall, Ante Room and Library have been meticulous exercises in state of the art paint analysis to establish the earliest colour schemes and have been repainted using modern paints. But what to do about the walls of the South Front Rooms to best show Iveagh’s cream of British portraiture - from Gainsborough to Romney? Research carried out by English Heritage showed that the rooms created by Robert Adam were generally given the best paint treatment for the period…  "…done 5 times in Oil colour…dead..”
Oil paint was used as it could be applied quite thinly, so it did not clog up the intricate plaster mouldings. At the same time it produced a durable, but still breathable, finish with the depth of colour that you get from five semi-translucent layers. ‘Dead’ meant that the final layer was applied heavily diluted with turpentine so that the sheen of the oil paint was deadened – this was sometimes called ‘flatted’.
Some years ago, when wanting to use paints which were both natural in their formulation and which offered a palette of historic and contemporary colours, Edward Bulmer set up Pots of Paint, his own specialist paint company.  Pots of Paint still uses the traditional linseed oil to bind its oil paints,  so for the Kenwood project it seemed an obvious step for Edward not just to recreate C18th colours, but to use the same paint mediums. He stopped short of using lead white (historic, but dangerous and now rightly outlawed) but mixed up the colours with natural pigments and applied them with a final flatting coat. This is so thin that it needs to be stippled or feathered to produce an even surface – the result is beautiful. The surface is flat but has exceptional depth and life from not having been applied as a single pre-mixed paint. 
Whether bringing light to a dark passageway or filling an awkward space, runners are endlessly useful, hardworking and decorative - none more so than Felt’s Shyrdak runners. For over two and a half thousand years, the nomadic peoples of the remote Tien Shan mountains in Kyrgyzstan have created their dazzling felt rugs. Known as Shyrdaks, these hardwearing wool rugs have a tough flattened felt base handsewn with geometric patterns in contrasting felts. Felt is the first company to import these vibrant works of art direct from their makers in Kyrgyzstan to Britain, under a Fair Trade agreement.

Colours range from the dazzlingly bright to cool and subtly muted neutrals, offering a wide range of decorative possibilities for both modern and period interiors. Shyrdak dimensions vary from large room size rugs down to small rugs and runners in many sizes. 
The Morar is a charming new addition to Drummonds’ extensive collection of freestanding cast iron baths. 

A re-working of the classic ‘slipper bath’ styled with a contemporary plinth, this compact double-ended design is the perfect way to bring glamour to smaller bathrooms.  

Designed for Drummonds by Victoria Richmond of KLC School of Design, as part of a student challenge, Morar offers a luxurious bathing experience. It’s made all the more pleasurable by the choice of bespoke finishes; from the polished and lacquered metal  shown here to metal cladding in copper or brass, hand painting and specialist finishes including gold metal leaf.
Drummonds’ classic Chessleton lever taps have had a sleek re-design, simplifying their shapes and offering the new option of white china handles.  

The new design emphasises Chessleton’s streamlined art deco look. Refined and elegant, these taps are the natural partner to gleaming white enamel baths and basins. Precision cast in solid brass using the traditional lost wax process, they are available as bath taps, basin taps and as a 3-hole basin mixer (shown above.)

Shown here mirror-finished in chrome, Chessleton taps are also available in nickel and polished brass. Handles are in polished hardwood or white china. 
Rich reds and berry colours are one of the hottest new decorating trends, with designers using them as the perfect foil to today’s neutral palette. 

Amongst its wide selection of shyrdaks, Felt always stocks a glowing selection of brilliant reds and pinks in a wide range of sizes and patterns, from runners to room-size rugs.

Every one of Felt’s shrydaks tells a unique story; motifs are chosen to bestow blessings or describe the nomads’ life in the mountains. Each rug is a vibrant work of art, as practical and hardwearing as it is decorative.
Laurence Pidgeon has always specialised in finding fresh design concepts, introducing important new kitchen and bathroom designers to the UK. His latest find is Fagor UK’s futuristic Spoutnik microwave.

Named after the first ever satellite launched into orbit, the Spoutnik’s space age look is supported by 21st century technologies. The 700W microwave has an innovative domed design, giving a 360° view of what’s cooking on the illuminated turntable. 

Spoutnik’s compact design incorporates a surprisingly spacious interior and allows easy access for cleaning. With soft touch controls and an intuitive digital display, the microwave is available in three vivid colours: Ultra Violet, Blue Odyssey and Green Flash.
Lapicida, the luxury stone specialist has won two categories in the prestigious Northern Design Awards.

Furniture Design Category: The Herringbone Table 
Lapicida’s Herringbone Table comes from an ongoing collaboration with celebrated product designer Bethan Gray. A virtuoso piece, it combines state-of-the-art manufacture with intensely skilled hand finishing. The distinctive zig-zag pattern unites white Carrara and black Nero Marquina marble so closely that the two colours meld into a single surface. The two slabs of contrasting marble are cut using advanced water jet technology, shaping them so precisely that they can then be connected as perfect positive and negative. Natural grain patterns are matched across the whole tabletop, underlining the astonishing craftsmanship involved in producing this design. 

Best Flooring Collection Category:  Reclaimed Geometrics
Inspired by classical and 18th Century designs, Lapicida’s new Reclaimed Geometrics Collection uses reclaimed stones to create complex new floors with a unique patina. From antique limestones to marbles, countless different materials are used depending on the colour and complexity of the designs. Each individual element is hand sorted before being precision-cut to shape and then hand pieced into the overall design. Custom-made in the Harrogate workshops, patterns can be taken from Lapicida’s library of classical references or completely one-off designs can be made to order. 

Lapicida’s 20,000 sq ft Head Office in Harrogate combines extensive displays with state of the art workshops housing both artisanal stoneworkers and technicians operating some of the world’s most advanced automated stone-working equipment. With a flagship showroom in London and outlets in other European locations, Lapicida works with leading architects, designers and private clients all over the world. 
Drummonds is extending its range of metal claddings, creating sleek new looks for its splendid cast iron baths.

Shown below is the Usk bath in two very different guises…
Top: The Usk has been clad in brass, hand-polished to a deep, mirror shine and then finished with lacquer. 
Bottom: The Usk has been clad in copper and (bottom right) hand-burnished to a rich, antique finish.
Metal cladding is one of many specialist finishes available across Drummonds’ extensive collection of freestanding cast iron baths.  It takes Drummonds several weeks to make each bath; a traditional process involving casting the raw metal, shot-blasting and enamelling with the lengthy dry-frit process which gives a snow white, incredibly durable enamel surface.
The best kitchens are fully functional as well as beautifully designed. Richard Moore, design director at Martin Moore, notes that "At Martin Moore we always start from a visual perspective when designing a kitchen and build from there. First and foremost we want to create a beautiful piece of furniture that suits the room and the space and then behind the façade we can create storage solutions specifically tailored to meet our clients’ needs.”

Appliance cupboards are a smart way of creating integrated storage whilst keeping your appliances hidden and preserving the architecture of the room, creating a clean, uncluttered look. Martin Moore kitchen designs often incorporate bi-fold doors, a clever feature that works well for something like an appliance cupboard which houses crockery and appliances. When open, the doors fold right away, giving access to the cupboard across its full width.
Alongside its vibrant colourways, Felt also offers a pleasing collection of neutrals, made using only the naturally occurring colours in sheep’s wool, with no dyes or treatments. These can provide a subtle backdrop to contemporary or traditional interiors, and are perennial fashion favourites. 

Suitable for walls or floors, these hardwearing rugs are one off works of art and can be made to special commission. There is a wide range of patterns and sizes available, from runners to room size rugs, to suit any space. 

A natural for bathrooms, the Tender Collection from Alternative Bathrooms is beautiful in blue... offering its clever modular fittings in a palette of calming sea-inspired colours. Matt, pearlised and gloss elements introduce a range of textures, which can be contrasted with natural wood in dark or pale driftwood tones. The collection, with co-ordinating basins, loos and baths, is designed to mix and match across the wide range of cabinetry and finish options… creating bespoke bathrooms on any scale from a compact cloakroom to a master suite. 
The Swale is the newest addition to Drummonds’ extensive collection of freestanding cast iron baths. Double-ended (perfect for sharing!) it offers all the comforts of Drummonds’ larger baths, but with the compact dimensions ideal for smaller bathrooms.  

The Swale’s narrow rim gives an especially elegant profile and it comes with the scroll feet shown here, for a modernist look, or with ball and claw feet. The exterior too, is finished to order with options ranging from polished and lacquered metal to cladding in brass or copper, hand painting or specialist hand finishes including gold metal leaf.    

It takes Drummonds several weeks to make a single bath; a traditional process involving casting the raw metal, shot-blasting and enamelling with the lengthy dry-frit process which gives a snow white, incredibly durable enamel surface. Their brassware too, is precision made, using the lost wax process. The result is classic bathroomware which will withstand the test of time.

The Swale bath measures L: 1700mm x H: 630mm x W: 750mm. 
Decorative stone floors originated in the classical world and 18th Century neo-classical architects elevated them to new heights, creating astonishing trompe l’oeil designs for important buildings.  Then, and now, the defining reference is a book titled ‘Various Kinds of Floor Decorations’ compiled in 1739 by the architectural engraver John Carwitham.

Inspired by Carwitham’s illustrations, Lapicida have now reinvented this art form, utilising reclaimed stones to create complex new floors with a unique patina. From antique limestones to marbles, countless different materials are used depending on the colour and complexity of the designs. Each individual element is painstakingly sorted before being precision-cut to shape and then hand pieced into the overall design. Patterns can be taken from Lapicida’s library of classical references or completely one-off designs can be made to order.
Inspired by the soaring Renaissance architecture of Oxford’s Oriel College Chapel, this richly coloured and textured collection matches embellished florals and stripes with coordinating plains.
Oriel:  Sumptuous large scale florals
A fresh and contemporary view on florals, Oriel features lush silk embroidery and velvet appliqué in 3 luxurious colourways. Suitable for light upholstery as well as curtains and cushions. 140cm wide:  40% linen, 30% cotton, 30% viscose.
Minstrel Stripe: Ribbed and braided stripes
Brightly multi-coloured stripes are woven in relief on neutral backgrounds. Easy and versatile, Minstrel Stripe comes in 5 colourways and is perfect for curtains, blinds, cushions and bedheads. 140cm wide:  56% cotton, 32% linen, 12% silk. 
Parterre: Large scale tonal embroidery
Geometric swirls are densely embroidered onto a neutral background. 5 tonal colourways make this characterful fabric perfect for curtains, cushions, blinds and other focus elements in both modern and traditional settings. 140cm wide: 88% linen, 12% silk. 
Richmond Velvet: Hardwearing plain velvets
Super soft and luxurious, yet extremely hardwearing, Richmond Velvet comes in three plain colours to coordinate across the Oriel Silks collection. Suitable for upholstery as well as curtains and cushions. 140cm wide:  40% viscose, 25% poly, 18% cotton, 10% linen 7% silk. 
Linenfold: Coordinating plains
Linenfold is a subtly textured plain. Available in 2 colours, it provides a stylish backdrop for the decorative fabrics in the Oriel Silks collection. Suitable for light upholstery as well as curtains and cushions. 140cm wide:  60% linen, 40% cotton. 
Everyone’s back at their now after the whirlwind of London Design Festival, culminating in Decorex 2013 - where this year five of Arc’s clients embraced the Silk Route theme…
None more wholeheartedly than And So To Bed whose sumptuous stand was rich with the sights and sounds of the Orient. It also showcased some of their most splendid beds in specially-commissioned custom finishes. Most remarkable was the ornately carved Brodsworth, being previewed in an amazing and totally exclusive new ‘liquid metal’ finish. More on this soon…
The richly coloured Shyrdak floorcushions on And So To Bed’s stand were by Felt, yet another Arc client.
Heralding a new look for Drummonds, award winning designer Christopher Jenner has designed a refined, architectural setting for their classic bathroomware. Previewed at Decorex, the concept will carry through into their two new showrooms; Notting Hill opening before Christmas and the new Kings Road flagship opening Spring 2014. Drummonds’ super-sized towel rail and glorious baths were amongst the big hits of the show and they were also bang on trend with their beautiful brass fittings. 
The layout of Tom Faulkner's stand showcased his elegant new pieces perfectly. These included the intriguing new silvery-blue ‘Rippled Harewood’ finish, an oxidised sycamore shown on his deco-inspired Vienna table. Star of the stand and a highpoint of the show was Tom’s signature Capricorn dining table, fabulously re-invented in copper and drawing many visitors to the stand. Copper is a notoriously difficult metal to work and Capricorn’s precise planes and curves are a major technical achievement by Tom Faulkner’s craftsmen. 
Who better to launch a brilliantly realistic faux silk collection than James Hare, the UK’s leading silk specialist? Offering the authentic look and feel of natural silk dupion, Astor is fully washable and more light-fast than real silk, opening up a whole range of new applications including bathrooms and kitchens. Astor was just one of many new James Hare collections being launched at Decorex, making the stand a ‘must-visit’ for so many interiors professionals. 
Lapicida’s extraordinarily luxurious stone collections were sometimes obscured from view by the sheer number of people visiting the stand. Anticipating both the imminent doubling in size of their London flagship showroom and the opening of Lapicida New York in Spring 2014, there were plenty of new products to be seen including works from their ongoing collaboration with leading designer Bethan Gray. Those who didn’t quite make it onto the stand could instead retire to the Champagne Bar, to admire the astonishing Travertine bar top, also by Lapicida!
Alternative Bathrooms have chic new off-the-peg solutions for showers, with on-trend frameless glass and minimalist styling. There are screens for baths, wet-room screening for walk-through showers and enclosures to suit every space including compact corner designs. The glass comes clear or subtly coloured and can also be misted for privacy. 

For those wanting wholly bespoke showers, Alternative Bathrooms also offer a luxurious custom-built service, backed by their in-depth knowledge and expert advice.   
Decorex 2013 promises to be a spectacular year for five of Arc PR’s clients. We’ve been closely involved with all their planning and can vouch for the fact that they’ll be staging some of the most exciting displays of the show. With three former Decorex award-winners hot in pursuit of new accolades and an array of amazing new products to launch, we can’t wait for Sunday 22nd September. 
AND SO TO BED - Stand C11
2011 Award Winner
Winner of the Decorex ‘Best Stand’ award in 2011, And So To Bed returns to Decorex with the ultimate Silk Route experience. Towering 20ft. high, their sumptuous tent is rich with the heady scents, spices and music of the Orient. Dressed with exotic elements, it creates a jewel-box setting for some of And So To Bed’s most extravagant beds – exclusive designs which trace the Silk Road’s inspirations from China through Egypt and the Ottoman Empire to Rome.      
DRUMMONDS - Stand B35 
Drummonds’ stand is a spectacular architectural setting designed by Christopher Jenner. Referencing Drummonds’ sophisticated, artisanal heritage, the stand is an inspirational showcase for pieces which capture the essence of the classic British bathroom.  It also heralds the return of rich, polished brass as an emerging trend in bathroom design.
JAMES HARE - Stand C22A 
The UK’s leading silk specialist is launching three new collections including Astor, an outstandingly realistic faux silk. Offering the authentic look/feel of natural silk dupion, Astor is both fully washable and more light-fast than real silk, opening up a range of new applications including use in bathrooms and kitchens. 
LAPICIDA - Stand C13 
2012 Award winner
At Decorex 2012, Lapicida’s dramatic showing of stone and marble won both ‘Best New Exhibitor’ and ‘The World of Interiors Award for Excellence’.  This year sees them showcasing dazzling new geometric floors inspired by the 1739 book ‘Various Kinds of Floor Decorations'. Intensely complex designs are painstakingly cut and pieced from reclaimed antique floors: Also on stand are dramatic displays of semi-precious stones and design collaborations with Bethan Gray. 
2012 Award Winner
Winner of the House & Garden Award for ‘Most Stylish Product’ at Decorex 2012, Tom Faulkner’s distinctively sculptural designs are handmade to order in his Wiltshire workshops. Amongst Tom’s works on stand at Decorex 2013 are new designs which show him referencing classic decorative themes …transcribing them into key pieces for modern living.   
The theme for Decorex 2013 is 'The Silk Route', one of the world’s most fabled trading routes. Check out our Decorex 2013 #silkroute inspired Pinterest board, showcasing our favourite exhibitors from Decorex 2013...
Tesserae is James Hare’s newest semi-plain.  A textural design, inspired by ‘tesserae’, the individual elements of mosaic, the face of the fabric is woven with three colours, giving it great depth and vitality.  In big pieces, the fabric comes alive in a way similar to animal skin.   
Elegantly bridging contemporary and traditional style, Tesserae comes in 15 contrasting colourways perfect for curtains, cushions, blinds and other focus elements. 
Launching September 2013, Lapicida’s new-generation website is powered by sophisticated technologies. Multi-layered and multi-functional, it guides visitors seamlessly and interactively on personalised pathways.  

Lapicida call this experience ‘Led by Inspiration’, reflecting the many ways to navigate the site, which has been designed to serve both design professionals and retail customers. Routes through include products, materials, applications and real-life inspirations, with all images and data available to be saved to personal Moodboards.  The latest predictive technology provides optimal viewing and functionality from any device used to access the site.   

For the first time ever, Lapicida is introducing an e-commerce facility. The webshop retails product samples as well as significant works in stone including the Brogue and Herringbone tables designed by Bethan Gray as part of her ongoing collaboration with Lapicida.  

Amongst its many other functions, the new Lapicida site also serves as a tracking portal, allowing logged-in clients to view the progress of their orders and bespoke projects. Real-time streaming from the Harrogate workshops, together with pre-recorded clips provides unique footage of both Lapicida’s high-tech manufacturing and its traditional stonemasonry skills.
AUGUST 20TH 2013
Keep winter at bay this year with Felt rugs in warm shades, from deep greens and reds to autumnal oranges. The bright colours and unique patterns of these Shyrdak rugs are the perfect antidote to gloomy weather, bringing character to contemporary or traditional interiors... 

Suitable for walls or floors, these hardwearing rugs are one off works of art which can also be made to special commission. There is a wide range of patterns and sizes available, from runners to room size rugs, to suit any space. 
AUGUST 19TH 2013
Luxury bathroom maker Drummonds have launched a new generation website; a brilliantly user-friendly interface with its classic bathroom ware and accessories.  Guiding you through the process of designing  a bathroom down to the smallest accessory, the site offers everything from detailed technical information to product shots and inspirational case-history images arranged in three galleries; Country, Townhouse and Designer. 

A keen eye will spot advanced technologies behind the website’s functionality… but most people will just enjoy its easy navigation and clever new functions such as Suggested Products, Alternative Finishes and Related Products.  Together with the drop down product menu on every page, they make it incredibly easy to put looks together ... and new Wish Lists save everything  that’s been chosen for comparison and pricing. 

From splendid cast-iron baths to gleaming taps and showers, Drummonds design and manufacture all of their own products using traditional techniques.  The new website has fascinating video footage of this, featuring Drummonds’ craftsmen and their work including the molten metal casting of iron baths and brassware being made using the lost-wax process.
AUGUST 15TH 2013
Drummonds’ Humber bath is a fresh look at the traditional French ‘bateau’. Lower, wider and altogether larger than the traditional bateau, its dimensions are perfect for deep, comfortable soaking.  The detailing is refined, with a flat rim and elegantly proportioned skirt.  

The outside is finished entirely to order, offering a wide range of different looks. Options include metal cladding, hand painting in any colour and the polished and lacquered finish shown below. The Humber is also perfect for Drummonds’ new fine art finishes, including Verdigris Aged Bronze (shown right), achieved by spraying copper in solution over a coat of fine bronze powder.  The chemical reaction which creates the Verdigris effect happens gradually, giving unique results every time. 

It takes Drummonds several weeks to make each bath; a traditional process involving casting the raw metal, shot-blasting and enamelling with the lengthy dry-frit process which gives a snow white, incredibly durable enamel surface.
James Hare’s unique collection of silk tartans is a treasure trove of 73 authentic Scottish patterns.  From the monochrome simplicity of Erskine to the full-on splendour of Royal Stewart, there is a wealth of possibility. Choose your palette and combine different tartans to bring new focus to curtains, bedheads, throws, blinds, cushions or even lampshades.  It’s a richly decorative look so don’t be afraid to mix and match!
Woven in 100% silk dupion, James Hare silk tartans are 120cm wide. Shown here co-ordinated with fabrics from James Hare’s range of over 550 plain silks.
Below from Left to right;
Tartan Baird - Headboard
Tartan Kennedy - Throw edging
Tartan Graham - Front cushion
Tartan Modern Mackay - Back cushion


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