APRIL 22ND 2014
Luxury stone specialists Lapicida’s bespoke floors are designed and made to order, using a combination of advanced technology and traditional craftsmanship. 

On display in Lapicida's newly extended London showroom is a new and complex design contrasting three naturally occurring Travertine colours, ‘Titanium’, ‘Parchment’ and ‘Silver’.  Much of the beauty of this floor comes from the stone being vein cut vertically down through the block to reveal, in subtle stripes, the layers in which it formed over time.  

Bespoke floors can be made in many other materials including marble, antique stones and semi-precious materials.  
APRIL 15TH 2014

Inspired by Mondrian paintings, La Cornue 1908 range cookers now come in three luscious enamels: primary blue, red and yellow. Bringing vivid pops of colour to kitchens, they showcase the cooker as the heart of the kitchen.

La Cornue 1908 is a compact 90cm model which combines an accessible price with traditional La Cornue features including 5 powerful gas burners and the famous ‘vaulted oven’ patented by the company’s founder. Loved by generations of chefs and home cooks, the oven’s unique shape concentrates the circulation of hot air to retain natural moisture. 

APRIL 9TH 2014
This month, as the days get sunnier, we photographed a new Martin Moore location for House & Garden's July 2014 'Kitchen & Bathroom Living' supplement. Photographer Alex James and stylist Jo Barnes were assisted by House & Garden's Art Director, Scott Moore. The owner was interviewed and photographed with her (very well behaved!) dogs.
Located in a Victorian house, the open plan kitchen features a generous main  island with three zones for cooking, washing and eating - perfect for entertaining. Elements from the New Classic and English collections were used and the cabinetry was painted in calming neutral shades from Farrow & Ball. This really is classic English style, adapted to modern family life.
We can't wait to see it in print!
APRIL 7TH 2014
Made using only natural earth and mineral pigments, Edward Bulmer’s Pots of Paint offers unique depth and subtlety of tone across a shade card which now includes fabulously vivid shades such as Invisible Green, Azurite and Brimstone as well as new neutrals including Pearl Colour, a delicious grey-pink off-white and Fawn, which Edward describes as "a soft underbelly beige, perfect for hallways.” 
The Colourman
Edward Bulmer is a ‘Colourman’ in the 18th Century sense of the word: a master of both the art and science of colour. He has a matchless eye for colour as well as an encyclopaedic knowledge of historic paints and interiors. Renowned for restoring Britain’s heritage buildings, he also has the technical know-how to translate historic references into paint shades perfectly tuned for fashionable modern living.  Unlike virtually any other paints on the market, Edward Bulmer’s colours are all his own.  
Unique Patina
Packed with pigment and formulated with only natural ingredients, Pots of Paint offers a patina alive with pure colour. The chalky finish has both exceptional depth and a subtle, mutable response to light which synthetic paints can never mimic.  The effect is as remarkable in ultra-modern interiors as it is in Georgian stately homes and just as obvious in the neutral shades as in the bright, strong colours.   
Eco Friendly
Pots of Paint is one of the very few authentic eco-friendly paint ranges. Its natural emulsion and oil paints have no synthetic ingredients or harmful emissions, allow walls to breathe and are made with only sustainably produced raw materials such as beeswax, milk casein and linseed oil.  There is practically no waste generated by the production process and the paints themselves have fresh, clean smells derived from their 100% natural ingredients.
The Complete Collection
Now offering seventy-two inspiring colours for inside and out, Edward Bulmer’s Pots of Paint Collection includes Natural Emulsion, Natural Flat Oil, Natural Oil Eggshell and Natural Oil Gloss.  Other all-natural products in the range include dedicated primers, specialist undercoats and balsam lacquer thinners/brush cleaner.
APRIL 4TH 2014

April 8-13 2014

Fiera Milano Rho_Pad 9 Stand C05 –CO7

Eurocucina 2014 sees La Cornue building on that legend with two spectacular ‘French Chef’s Kitchens’, contrasting its emblematic ‘Château’ and ultra-contemporary ‘La Cornue W’ collections.  Both sets take a central island as their starting point.

La Cornue’s Château range cooker is a design classic, first launched in 1964. Shown here in a new Blanc de Blanc matt enamel finish, integrated within a multi-function central island and accompanied by the Flamberge rotisserie and other Château elements, this cooker is the quintessentially generous, traditional heart of the home.

By contrast, La Cornue W is a contemporary concept, born in collaboration with Jean-Michel Wilmotte.  A renowned architect and master of urban design, he deconstructs the kitchen, re-assembling key functions into core pieces including a new island, being seen for the first time.  Austere and supremely stylish, they embody La Cornue hallmarks including the famous vaulted oven and solid, hand built construction.

2014 also marks the 50th Anniversary of the La Cornue Château.  Celebrating this, a special edition of the Château 150 has been designed in high-tech carbon steel, the first of which is being shown on the stand.  Located to separate the two very different Chef’s Kitchens, it forms an elegant link between traditional and contemporary style.  

APRIL 3RD 2014
James Hare’s new Luna is a bold, modern fabric with a distinctive metallic sheen and a big wow factor.   
Perfect for curtains, blinds, wallcoverings, lampshades and other decorative elements, Luna is a clever way to bring rooms right up to date. The three colourways offer a range of different looks, from subtle tonal combinations to zingy splashes of colour.   
MARCH 31ST 2014
DesignSpace London has opened a new Wigmore Street showroom showcasing Modulnova’s kitchen and living collections: Utterly luxurious, sleek and modern, their designs combine advanced engineering and hi-tech materials.

Offering 1600 sq ft of display space over two floors, the new showroom showcases three of Modulnova’s most iconic architectural kitchens: ‘Fly, ‘Blade’ and ‘Twenty’. Rectilinear styling gains razor-sharp focus in finishes including matt and gloss lacquers, textured timber veneers, glass and Kerlite. Multi-function islands and workstations are anchored by tall units with pocket doors, providing purpose designed appliance housing and dedicated storage.

Living spaces are given new definition by organisation. Modulnova’s innovative new ‘Library Unlimited’ modular shelving system is being seen for the first time in the UK, shown in the Wigmore Street showroom as part of a dynamic work/live display.

DesignSpace London offers a full design service for kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and living spaces. Available at both Wigmore Street and DesignSpace London’s 5500 sq ft flagship showroom in Battersea.
MARCH 26TH 2014

The Flamberge Rotisserie was designed in the 1960s by André Dupuy, son of the founder. The only professional rotisserie on the market for home use, his original design has never been bettered. This brilliantly simple and effective gas appliance is easy to use and easy to keep clean.  Even in use, there is no smell and no spitting of fat.

It has three motor-driven roasting spits, with even heat distribution provided by ceramic elements in cast iron channels.  A ceramic dish under the rotisserie cooks vegetables and collects juices from grilling meat or fish. Needing no special ventilation, the Flamberge is designed to be built into a wall or kitchen furniture.  La Cornue’s own kitchen cabinets include the option of a pull-out butcher’s trolley sited underneath the Rotisserie, ideal for carving and serving.  

Individually handmade to order in La Cornue’s workshops just outside Paris, the Flamberge has bespoke finish options including stainless steel and 30 enamel colours to match La Cornue range cookers.  

MARCH 26TH 2014
Handmade in grey or white limestone, Lapicida’s freestanding Bongo basin stands 84.5cm tall.

The elegantly tapered form and ultra-contemporary honed finish give Bongo an architectural aesthetic… bringing a refined luxury to modern bathrooms. Available to order in Portuguese Grey Limestone or Mocha Créme Natural Limestone.

Lapicida offer an extensive collection of luxury stone for walls and floors together with freestanding decorative objects and a matchless range of bespoke services.
MARCH 19TH 2014
Martin Moore’s designs are rooted in the forms and conventions of English furniture. Their proportions, drawn from the classical order, can be seen in Georgian, Victorian, and even modern architecture. Above all, they suit British houses.  

But they are not necessarily ‘traditional’. In fact, they can be very contemporary, with simple lines and minimal detailing. Seen below is an updated version of the classic English dresser, an elegant freestanding piece that exemplifies Martin Moore's style.
MARCH 18TH 2014
Colour and texture are right on trend for walls and the ultimate luxury has to be silk wallcoverings.  Traditionally seen in period interiors, silk has an extraordinary lustre which nothing else can match. Now James Hare, Britain’s leading silk specialist, brings fabric wallcoverings right up to date, creating a perfect finish for contemporary interiors. 
Virtually all of the wonderful fabrics in the extensive James Hare collection can be paper-backed to order, creating dramatic walls with natural texture and depth of colour.  Over 550 plain colours, together with fabulous woven and embroidered patterns, offer a dazzling range of possibilities.
Shown below (clockwise from left): Parterre in Gosling, Astor Stripe in Titanium, Mandalay Silk in Husk.
MARCH 17TH 2014
La Cornue is a kitchen legend.  After more than 100 years, this family-owned brand remains an inspiration to generations of cooks. 
Founded in France in 1908 by Albert Dupuy, La Cornue is now run by his grandson, Xavier Dupuy. At the heart of the design is Albert’s original patented ‘vaulted oven’. Loved by chefs and serious cooks alike, it concentrates the natural circulation of hot air, retaining natural moisture to enhance both taste and texture.    
Every foodie’s dream, La Cornue range cookers are handmade to order in the Saint-Ouen l’Aumône workshops just outside Paris. Every range cooker is a complete one off; sized, equipped and finished to commission.  The construction is a meticulous, artisanal process using luxurious materials including brass, steel, cast iron and enamel. Hobs are personalised set-ups chosen from options including solid brass burners, electric, vitro-ceramic or induction hobs, simmering plates and teppan-yaki.  Ovens can be gas or electric.  This is made-to-measure craftsmanship.
La Cornue offers four range cooker collections, together with matching cabinets, refrigeration and wine storage. This allows you to take the look right through the whole kitchen; a concept La Cornue calls "culinary architecture”. 
MARCH 11TH 2014
Luxury bathroom makers Drummonds open their spectacular new Kings Road flagship showroom in April 2014.  

An impressively-scaled 225 sq metre space has been transformed into a spectacular concept showroom, part of an ongoing collaboration with award-winning designer Christopher Jenner. Jenner describes his design as an "elemental narrative”, showcasing the artisanal heritage at the heart of Drummonds’ baths, basins, showers, taps and accessories.  Dramatic and highly architectural, its layered forms also reflect their organic materials, from cast iron to china clay, marble and glass.  

Drummonds’ distinctive style is refined and luxurious.  Rich with white enamel, marble, polished metal and mirror glass, it is perfect for both contemporary and period settings.  Drummonds manufacture all of their own products, using traditional manufacturing techniques to offer bathrooms with a solidity and integrity rarely seen nowadays.   

The new Kings Road flagship is the second London showroom designed for Drummonds by Christopher Jenner. He is also designing his first bathroom product collection with them, set to launch May 2014.   

The new Drummonds showroom is at 642 Kings Road, London SW6 2DU.
MARCH 10TH 2014
Felt’s collection of specially commissioned ‘white on white’ Shyrdak rugs and cushions create a clean, classic look, perfectly at home in contemporary or traditional interiors.

The patterned white-on-white pieces have all the texture and interest of the stitched and braided felt, but without the contrasting colours typical of Shyrdaks, allowing the luxurious elegance of pure new white wool to speak for itself.

Each rug is a work of art, as practical and hardwearing as it is decorative. Felt’s customers can also commission bespoke rugs in their chosen colours, patterns, shapes and sizes.
MARCH 4TH 2014
Lapicida has doubled the size of its London flagship, creating 10,000 astonishing square feet of luxury stone; brilliantly conceived and dramatically staged   

Linked to the original first floor showroom by a towering stone and steel staircase, the new ground floor space allows Lapicida to showcase larger concept pieces, many fabricated by its newest CNC stone shaping mill.  Located in Lapicida’s Harrogate workshops, it is one of only three in the world capable of working blocks of stone up to 25 tonnes in weight.  Linked to advanced 3D scanners, it enables Lapicida to fabricate virtually any object in stone and to make extraordinary objets de vertu… such as the shimmering, ethereal basins it carves from flawless blocks of rock crystal.  

From baths and statues to high concept pieces, the freestanding elements are shown against sumptuous backdrops; stone walls and floors in materials sourced from across the world and, in the case of Lapicida’s reclaimed stone, from across the centuries.  Whilst some are rare, others have more humble roots such as the Native British stones into which Lapicida breathes new life, cutting sections through reclaimed flagstones to create first, second and even third face products for walls and for floors, including complex trompe l’oeil geometrics inspired by classical references.  

Large sections of floors are on display, with an emphasis on reclaimed English and European limestones and marbles.  From pure white flagstones to complex waterjet-cut designs, they showcase Lapicida’s alchemical talents; rendering brutally raw materials into highly sophisticated and decorative floors.  And walls:  Stone murals and panelling are a compelling trend in bathrooms, hallways and living rooms.  Lapicida brings 3D design and texturing to its bespoke walls, creating classical and contemporary finishes to order. Throughout the showroom, set by set, the final element of the displays is light; Sally Storey’s dazzling schemes bring every nuance and facet of the stones to life, imbuing them with masterpiece qualities.    

Products from Stock:  
The new showroom also offers a wide range of new and reclaimed natural stone for walls and floors available from stock with 48 hour delivery times. 

Designer Collaborations: 
Lapicida has always worked with artists and designers and has a highly acclaimed collaboration with award-winning product designer Bethan Gray. Her newest table collection will be on show alongside the iconic ‘Herringbone’ table and other works.  

Lapicida welcomes the technical challenges which professional designers and artists set, seeing them as catalysts to exploring stone’s endless potential, whether worked by hand or with leading-edge technologies.  This challenge underlines Lapicida’s mission statement that, with its unique bespoke capability, "anything is possible”.
MARCH 3RD 2014
The ongoing design collaboration between luxury bathroom manufacturer Drummonds and designer Christopher Jenner began with his designs for their Notting Hill and Kings Road showroom interiors. Its latest iteration is a capsule collection of freestanding bathroom furniture being launched at London’s Clerkenwell Design Week, May 20-22 2014.

Jenner captures the essence of Drummonds’ classic aesthetic and luxurious natural materials, translating them into a collection which pushes the boundaries of both design and materials. Taking cues from Drummonds’ artisanal heritage, he marries cast iron, polished steel and traditional enamelling techniques with English carpentry in oak, walnut and driftwood and custom colourways.  

The sophisticated, sinuous forms reference both classic and contemporary furniture and extend Drummonds’ repertoire from its signature English style into a new, international design language. The jewel of the collection is the Pembridge an imposing double vanity with polished iron fittings. Other elements, all freestanding, include the Chapel and Elgin cupboards, The Newton single vanity and The Rede linen chest. 
Waterfall Silk is James Hare’s newest collection of luxurious semi-plains.  Glamorous and contemporary, it brings a subtle shimmer and tweed-like texture to curtains, blinds, bedheads and other light upholstery. 
Waterfall’s enticing palette of 17 colourways covers a spectrum from minimalist whites and creams through to today’s high fashion greys and rich jewel tones.   
Handmade in Yorkshire, Lapicida’s Marble Refectory Table brings new sophistication to ‘country industrial’.

In authentic structural style, the strong lines of the weathered English Oak base emphasise a robust construction. Set against this, the white Italian Carrara marble top is a sleekly modern statement. Hand rounded edges on the 30mm thick marble slab unite the two elements.

The Marble Refectory Table comes in three sizes: 1.8 metres, 2.4 metres (shown here) and 3 metres. All three sizes are 1 metre wide.    

The luxury stone specialists Lapicida offer a complete range of bespoke services and the Refectory Table is also available sized to order with a wide choice of stone and marble tops.
Stripes are always in fashion and now James Hare introduces Minstrel Stripe, a modern take on this perennial favourite.   Multi-coloured ribbon style stripes are woven in relief on neutral backgrounds for a breezy, easy-to-use look perfect for curtains, blinds, cushions and bedheads. 
Available in 5 colourways, Minstrel Stripe is part of James Hare’s Oriel Silks collection which includes matching and co-ordinating  decoratives and plains.
St John the Evangelist Church in Shobdon, Herefordshire is an extremely important work of Georgian architecture with a beautifully intact interior and matching furniture - an outstanding example of the ‘Strawberry Hill Gothick’ style.  
Sadly, the church was in urgent need of repairs when HRH The Prince of Wales visited ten years ago.  Although fundraising was underway the Prince saw for himself that the building required significantly more work than the congregation were able to raise funds for. Prince Charles kindly donated a significant sum to boost the fund raising efforts.  
This much needed contribution from HRH plus the involvement of The World Monuments Fund and English Heritage meant the work could proceed. Edward Bulmer, architectural historian, interior designer and natural paint expert (founder of Pots of Paint) was involved with the restoration of the interior from the outset.  
Last week the Prince was able to visit the church again and see for himself the major structural work completed and the fully restored and redecorated interior.  Edward was pleased to meet the Prince of Wales during his visit and discuss with him the history of the interior decoration and completion of the project.
Edward explained to Prince Charles that he had undertaken in-depth paint analysis of Shobdon Church and found that the church was only ever decorated using four pigments: white, black, yellow ochre and Prussian blue.  The first scheme used a stone colour throughout, but in the 19th century blues and greys were introduced leading to the most recent scheme of stony whites picked out with pale blue.  
Edward Bulmer recreated this beautiful scheme using colours based on Portland, Silver White and Sky Blue from his all-natural ‘Pots of Paint’ collection whose traditional formulations use only sustainably produced raw materials such as beeswax, milk casein and linseed oil. The Pots of Paint formulations allow breathability in the walls which is what this precious historic building requires to ensure that trapped moisture will not destroy interior plaster and stonework in the future.  
The Tay, one of Drummonds’ best loved cast iron baths, is a generous double-ended design with a sweeping oval plinth. The ultimate luxury for one (or two!) bathers, it can now be ordered in Drummonds’ spectacular copper cladding…   

Skillfully applied by hand, the sheet copper is polished to a rich patina (shown here) or given an antique verdigris effect.  It’s an impressive look, combining the warmth of a classic copper bath with the durability and solidity of cast iron.  

Available to order, copper cladding is one of Drummonds’ many bespoke finishes including polished metals, handpainting and special effects.  They are perfect matches for Drummonds’ freestanding cast iron baths, each one of which takes several weeks to make using the traditional casting, shot-blasting and enamelling processes.   
Today’s best-looking bathrooms are very carefully planned. Asymmetric modular furniture provides architectural good looks and dedicated storage… for a Zen-like order and calm.  

Alternative Bathrooms are masters of the art, providing both the products and the expertise needed to achieve this supremely refined and elegant style.

Shown below are furniture and accessories from the Byte 2.0 Collection at Alternative Bathrooms. Simplicity of line is offset by texture; floating wooden storage units in white ash and matt lacquer finishes are contrasted with high gloss metal wall storage. Dark grey walls and a wooden floor ‘anchor’ the furniture within the space. The pure white bath and basin are both made in smooth, high-tech materials, highlighting the minimalist, modern aesthetic.
The luxury stone specialist Lapicida would like to propose the ultimate boy’s toy… A scale replica of your car carved from a single block of stone by the most advanced CNC machine in the world. 

A unique work of art, it represents an absolute state-of-the-art process which begins with 3D modelling of the original vehicle, be it a vintage beauty or the latest supercar.  

The 3D model is interpreted through a series of advanced software programmes: These allow the image to be fine-tuned in three dimensions and digitally sets up the CNC with the diamond drills which will carve the final piece in its every detail.   

Producing specialist works in stone for interior designers and architects worldwide, Lapicida’s North Yorkshire workshops  operate one of only three ‘Breton NC1600’ CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machines in the world. This colossal 5-axis ‘shape mill’ can accommodate blocks of stone weighing up to 25 tonnes. Linked to sophisticated imaging software, it can be programmed to carve virtually any 3D object in stone, from a cherished automobile to a facsimile of a priceless antique statue. 

Lapicida works in a wide variety of stones, marbles and semi-precious materials such as rock crystal. Typically a scaled car in marble takes in the region of 100 hours of machine time to perfect, running at a spindle speed of around 7,000 RPM. The final stage of the commission then involves several days of hand-finishing by Lapicida’s craftsmen; joining their traditional skills with the world-leading technology of the giant CNC machine… to create the ultimate model car.
Images show Lapicida’s 1:36 scale model of a 250 GTO Ferrari on display at Lapicida’s Kings Road showroom. Carved from a single block of Italian Arabescato marble, it measures 1.2 metres in length.  
Luxury bathroom makers Drummonds have opened a second London showroom, taking their classic English style across town from Chelsea to Notting Hill, in the heart of the rapidly-growing design district around Westbourne Grove.
As part of a new creative collaboration with Drummonds, award-winning designer Christopher Jenner has created a spectacular showroom environment. An "elemental narrative” of layered forms showcases both the manufacturing heritage and the organic materials used, from cast iron to china clay, marble and glass. It’s a wholly immersive setting for a carefully curated selection of Drummonds’ showers, baths, basins, taps and accessories. Jenner is also designing Drummond’s new flagship London showroom on Kings Road, set to open in Spring 2014.
Drummonds’ distinctive style is refined and luxurious. Rich with white enamel, marble, polished metal and mirror glass, it is perfect for both contemporary and period settings. Drummonds manufacture all of their own products using traditional manufacturing techniques to offer bathrooms with a solidity and integrity rarely seen nowadays.   

The new Drummonds showroom is at 27 Chepstow Corner, Chepstow Place, London W2 4XE.  Open Monday to Saturday.

See the complete collection on line at the newly re-launched website.
From marble to mosaic, limestone to lapis lazuli, the luxury stone specialists Lapicida make swimming pools fabulous. Working with leading indoor and outdoor pool manufacturers all over the world, they offer a wholly bespoke service. 

Stone and water are natural companions and the decorative options are endless: Intricate mosaics can be made in custom designs, perfect for lining pools and for cladding areas such as hot tubs, steam rooms and waterfalls.  Floors can be an expanse of a single stone or a combination of materials laid in geometric designs. Textured stone brings dramatic interest to walls, whilst architectural features such as stone columns, fountains and balustrading are the perfect way to surround an outdoor pool or to carry a look  from an indoor pool area straight out into the garden.  

Lapicida offer a full design and manufacturing service. Their Harrogate workshops combine state of the art processes with traditional stonemasonry skills, allowing them to create virtually anything to order.   


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