Drummonds are launching a design collaboration with interior architect and product designer Martin Brudnizki, the name behind many famous iinteriors including Scott’s, The Ivy and Soho Beach House Miami.

Blending an engineer’s sense of functionality and an artist’s appreciation of form, his contemporary take on traditional design melds perfectly with Drummonds’ classic, handmade luxury bathrooms.

In partnership, they are producing an inspirational collection of bathroomware and accessories. Notable in giving Drummonds a new more contemporary direction, these products are the first to emerge from Brudnizki’s new product design studio ‘And Objects’, also launching in September 2015.

Four elements previewed at Decorex 2015 ahead of the complete range of ‘Martin Brudnizki for Drummonds’ launching in 2016.

The Tyburn Bath: The traditional form of the freestanding bath is subtly altered by Martin Brudnizki. Victorian ornament is refined to a more abstract, modern form. Symmetrical on the outside, the Tyburn has an asymmetric interior with two differently-shaped ends; one sloped for reclining and one more upright for sitting up or reading. The profile features a distinctive rounded edge, moulded from a handrail, creating a firm grip for getting in or out of the bath. Its subtly scooped edge also creates a comfortable headrest.

Drummonds are famous for their crisply enamelled cast iron baths, but the Tyburn uses modern composite marble casting to achieve its sweeping architectural curves and uniquely silky finish. Related to, but fundamentally different from Drummonds’ other baths, it’s a new look at luxury bathing.


The Ladybower Vanity BasinStripping the vanity basin of traditional pomp and ceremony, Martin Brudnizki has conceived this piece with simplicity in mind. Elegant, light and modern, it uses classic white marble and brassware in a pared-back design. Behind its contemporary lines lie functional considerations too, including good storage space for bathroom accessories and small, yet perfectly formed details such as the bent recess in the towel rail which ensures that the towel stays in place.

The Derwent Wall Light: Ever the master of finishing detail, Martin Brudnizki channels vintage luxe in this versatile bathroom light. Shown here the Double Derwent Light features two symmetrical reeded glass shades, pinched in the middle to create a bow shape which can be used horizontally or vertically. The glass is hand blown and the metalwork is hand fabricated, making each light a unique piece. The Derwent Light is also available with a single shade.

The Derwent Vanity Mirror: A perfectly proportioned mirror with a classic bevel.

All fittings in the Martin Brudnizki Collection are available in brass, nickel or chrome. Shown in these images in nickel.

Luxury stone specialists Lapicida work with many leading artists to produce extraordinary works of art. One of their latest collaborations is being shown at the V&A, within designer Faye Toogood’s extraordinary installation ‘The Cloakroom’. Visitors don a specially designed coat which guides them on a journey of discovery to locate ten unique sculptures of overcoats throughout the V&A. Each of the ten life-size overcoat sculptures is the same form, but created in a different material, ranging from studded industrial rubber to the intricately carved marble piece commissioned from Lapicida.

The sculpture was produced from Faye Toogood’s maquette, which was laser-scanned into Lapicida’s CNC machine, the largest machine of its kind in Europe. Lapicida selected a particularly beautiful and highly veined block of Arabescato marble for the coat, which took 168 hours of CNC shaping and a further 24 hours of hand finishing by Lapicida’s craftsmen in Yorkshire, where the base was also constructed from matching Arabescato slabs. Now in place at the V&A, on a marble stairwell surrounded by marble columns, the completed overcoat is an impressive piece of craftsmanship standing 1700mm high and weighing nearly 300kg.

The Cloakroom runs at the V&A from Saturday 19 September until Sunday 27 September 2015.

Decorex 2015 sees the UK launch of Volta, marking the rediscovery of an almost lost form of interior decoration; painted canvas ceilings.

The history of painting scenery and decorative designs on fabric dates from the classical world and continued through the centuries, with a tradition of illusionist ceiling painting in Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo art. In London, Inigo Jones famously commissioned Rubens to produce a series of astonishing ceiling canvases for Banqueting House in Whitehall. Painted in Ruben’s Antwerp studio in 1635, the central panel alone measures 58 square metres.

It is no coincidence that the two high profile artists behind Volta are also Belgian, as the tradition has been kept alive there: Eddy Dankers’ family have been artists since the 17th Century and Thierry Thenaers is a master painter and renowned interior designer. Individually, both have worked on many of Europe’s historic buildings including the restoration of Versailles. It is also only in Belgium that linen is still seamlessly woven in the enormous widths and lengths of canvas which important projects can demand; up to 12metres x 100metres in a single piece.

Inheritors and developers of the art of painted ceilings, Thierry and Eddy set up Volta as an international interiors brand, now coming to the UK for the first time. Using old and new techniques and technologies and a group of extraordinarily talented artists, they create anything from a perfect facsimile of a Baroque masterpiece to a dazzling trompe l’oeil or an ultra-modern ceiling mural.

Volta’s feature stand at Decorex offers an immersive multi-media encounter with their art. A craftsman on the stand will paint a canvas over the course of the show, whilst, suspended above, completed ceilings are shown in situ. These surround a central area onto which constantly changing ceiling images are beamed. Visitors to the stand can also take an extraordinary virtual reality tour, donning advanced VR headsets to ‘travel down’ a grand corridor viewing a series of rooms with unique Volta ceilings. Ancient as it is, this classical art form has now made the move into contemporary interiors.



For many people, a CornuFé will be their first La Cornue, combining power, functionality and good looks with an accessible price. This year La Cornue celebrates the range's 10th Anniversary with a special 10% discount on any CornuFé stove. The offer runs until October 31st 2015.

The CornuFé cooktop features the choice of five powerful gas burners or, on the CornuFé 110 and Albertine, five induction plates. The CornuFé 90 and 110 feature two electric convection ovens, one of which offers seven different cooking modes, whilst the Albertine has one generously sized electric oven that can be split into two zones.

Solidly built to last a lifetime, the CornuFé comes with a choice of three different metal trims and in ten finishes including Matt Black, Paris Blue, Primary Yellow and Stainless Steel. Shown below, from left, the 
CornuFé 100, the CornuFé 90 and the CornuFé Albertine.

New at Alternative Bathrooms, the contemporary Saturn bath has all the elegance of a freestanding bath, yet is designed to sit comfortably against a wall: freeing up space without sacrificing style.

The bath is made using special technology that gives a seamless, smooth finish – each bath is then finished by hand. Made from Lucite acrylic, the Saturn bath is extremely durable and keeps water warm longer than standard baths.

As well as furniture, Temper Studio also designs smaller accessories, available through the online shop. These include the PLANE Serving Boards, made from sustainably sourced British hardwoods and hand shaped and finished in Temper Studio’s Wiltshire workshop.

Each board is wholly unique, showcasing the natural beauty of English Walnut, Sycamore and Pippy Oak. The boards are hand-rubbed in Danish Oil and natural beeswax, creating a rich, polished surface on which to serve culinary delicacies. With their angular, faceted edges, the boards also make elegant display pieces.


AUGUST 25TH 2015

This September, three of our clients are exhibiting at Decorex, the leading interiors event for design professionals. Historic Syon Park will host the four day event, the theme of which is ‘the future of luxury’. This year Decorex will be held at the start of London Design Festival, kicking off a week of design events across London. Showcasing exciting new collections and collaborations, our clients’ stands promise to be unmissable.

Lapicida: Stand E21

Always a major attraction at Decorex, Lapicida’s stand again demonstrates a perfect mastery of natural stone, transforming it from the rawest of materials into fascinating and luxurious products which underline the company’s British craft heritage.

The centre of the stand acts as a virtual mirror, on either side of which freestanding pieces and surfaces repeat in different materials. The counterpoint to this symmetry is the engaging asymmetry of the random patterns which nature forms in stone.

Highlights include the new ‘Lunar Collection’ - part of the ongoing design collaboration between Lapicida and jewellery designer Lara Bohinc. The Lunar Collection introduces the Half Moon dining table, the Sun and Moon coffee table (shown below) and the Full Moon side table. Also on display will be new stones for walls and floors and new objects including tables, baths and vanity basins.


Drummonds: Stand D20

Drummonds’ Decorex 2015 stand has been designed by Martin Brudnizki Design Studio, heralding the beginning of an exciting product collaboration between the prestigious designer and this luxury bathroom brand. Interior architect and product designer Martin Brudnizki is the name behind glamorous interiors including Scott’s, The Ivy and Soho Beach House Miami. His contemporary take on traditional design melds perfectly with Drummonds’ classic, handmade bathrooms.

The complete ‘Martin Brudnizki for Drummonds’ collection launches in 2016, but three elements from the collaboration are previewing at Decorex. The stand showcases these alongside Drummonds’ many other new products, from an imposing new freestanding shower to the complete Chessleton brassware collection including a new column shower. Other highlights include Drummonds’ first bathroom lighting collection and the new Wye bath (shown below), an even deeper and wider version of their famous Usk bath.

Felt: Stand J40

Exhibiting at Decorex for the first time since 2008, Felt is showing an inspiring range of new and vintage rugs and cushions. Shyrdak colours range from the dazzlingly bright to subtly muted tones, offering decorative possibilities for contemporary and traditional interiors. Perfect for floors and walls, sizes go from small (0.8m x 1m) up to room sized (2m x 3.5m) and larger. The first company to import these works of art direct from their makers in Kyrgyzstan, Felt has built an international clientele of interior designers, architects and individual clients. Projects include prestigious hotels, embassies, offices and private homes.

Felt always holds an extensive stock of rugs, with regular consignments of new pieces, but clients can also commission bespoke rugs in their chosen colours, patterns and sizes.

AUGUST 24TH 2015
Edward Bulmer explains the stories behind four of his newest greys.

Wash Stop: “I admit to this being a made up name from an old painter’s bill charging to ‘wash, stop and paint three times in oil’. It seemed an enticing way to describe a colour like washing up water, given that it is actually an elegant, subtle grey that can be used for walls or trim.”

Fine Grey: “A simple, clear colour requiring only white, ‘lamp’ black and Prussian blue to create a pale steely grey with a clean modern look to it.”

Inferior Grey: “The secret is not in the name! This is a mid-coloured black and blue pigmented grey which works well as a wall or trim colour. On walls, it is the grey to end all greys – a good weight of colour and wonderful tonality.”

Lead Colour: “Lead is durable, malleable and waterproof and is still used for flashing on traditional English roofs. It changes colour with weathering and if you could stop it at the moment when it has the most pleasing shade it would reflect our shade.”
AUGUST 18TH 2015
Ever since Simon Horn introduced us to classic French beds in the 1980’s, the romantic Reine de France has been one of the company’s best-loved designs. Inspired by the Rococo style of the court of Louis XV and Marie Antoinette, it has an elegantly curved beech frame and exquisite hand carved floral detailing.  

Rococo furniture was often made in two sets – a lighter look for summer and a warmer version for winter. In this tradition, Simon Horn offers the Reine de France in both caned and upholstered versions. 

Handmade, the Reine de France can be custom-made to order. Caned (as shown here) or upholstered in the customers’ choice of fabric, in natural wood or hand painted, it is perfectly at home in both classic and contemporary bedrooms.
AUGUST 17TH 2015

Blending the spirit of classic English cabinetry with the essentials of modern living, every Martin Moore kitchen is entirely individually designed and built.

Here, Martin Moore have created a large alcove to house a bespoke Appliance Cupboard. Every aspect of the cupboard has been designed in response to the owner’s needs. The fitted microwave and plumbed in coffee machine can be hidden away behind cupboard doors. These also conceal other bulky kitchen appliances such as juicers and mixers, ready to be slid forward when needed. China and glassware for informal dining at the breakfast bar is ready to hand and the cupboard provides dedicated storage for awkward pieces such as cake stands. Because the shelves are relatively shallow, it’s easy to see and access everything. A generous worktop runs the full width of the cupboard, with drawers below holding kitchen linens.

Part of Martin Moore’s 
Architectural Collection, this Appliance Cupboard combines the proportions of a classic English dresser with the modern aesthetic of simple, refined cabinetry. Gleaming chrome inlays highlight the timber. Underlining this contemporary look, the alcove itself is clad and framed in the same natural oak used to build the cabinet.

AUGUST 10TH 2015

The rising young star of British furniture design, George Winks of Temper Studio is exhibiting at The London Design Festival.

‘SPAN’ is Temper Studio’s second collaboration with surface designer 
Anna Glover. In 2014 they teamed up first at LDF and then for a seven week residency at London’s Design Museum in a project called ‘Jungle Tank’. 

This year's exhibit features the 'Span Daybed', an exercise in austere elegance made in British Oak and Ash, finished with Danish Oil and beeswax to highlight the timber’s natural warmth. Against this, concrete and brass elements form a more industrial counterpoint. Anna Glover's use of luxurious silk and the layered graphic prints add both a softness and a sense of movement to the piece.

The juxtaposition of structural materials seen in the Span Daybed is typical of George Winks’ work. He makes what he calls “useable objects with a sense of architectural permanence”. At his Wiltshire-based Temper Studio, an ongoing process of experimentation sees his designs evolving through what George describes as “play, prototyping, risk, failure and stubbornness”.

Being held at Craft Central, the SPAN collaboration will show new works from both Temper Studio and Anna Glover, with the Span Daybed taking centre stage.

SPAN, Craft Central, 33-35 St John’s Square, Clerkenwell, London EC1M 4DS

La Cornue has launched the Mini Island. A new solution for smaller spaces, this integrates a 90cm stove into a compact central island, putting La Cornue right at the heart of the kitchen.

As always with La Cornue, every element of the Mini Island is handmade and bespoke, from the furniture to the stove itself. Three models of 90cm stove, the 
1908Albertine and CornuFé 90, fit into the concept, each offering a wide range of customised options. The furniture comes in both natural wood and 26 different paint colours, to match or contrast with the cooker.

Measuring just 204cm wide x 110cm deep, the Mini Island is a multi-function zone. Capacious storage drawers flank the cooker and a textured stainless steel worktop surrounds it on three sides, creating an informal eating and social space facing the cook, with room for three stools. It’s a great way to bring La Cornue’s unique style and performance to smaller kitchens.
JULY 30TH 2015
Alternative Bathrooms has launched its new website at alternativebathrooms.com. As an independent retailer, Alternative Bathrooms offers impartial advice and carefully curated collections across a wide range of price points, from high-end designer glamour to simple but chic bathroom necessities.

Designed as a snapshot of a visit to an Alternative Bathrooms’ showroom, the new website combines inspirations from top brands with many smaller specialist names offering unique and bespoke products.
JULY 29TH 2015


Lapicida has launched a new version of its classic Refectory table, featuring an extraordinary Oyster Bed Black limestone top. Formed millions of years ago, it is richly fossilised in a natural palette of subtle greys and blacks.

Handmade in Yorkshire, the Refectory Table is equally at home in traditional and contemporary settings; as chic for loft living as for country dining. The strong lines of the weathered English Oak base have an architectural simplicity, perfectly matched by the 30mm stone top with its unusual milled edge profile.

Luxury stone specialist Lapicida offers a complete range of bespoke services. The Refectory Table can be specially commissioned; sized to order with a wide choice of natural stone and marble tops. It can also be ordered for use as a garden table, with an all-weather cover.

JULY 28TH 2015
In 1982 Simon Horn re-introduced the Lit Bateau bed to the UK, reviving a love affair with period French furniture. Today, Simon Horn are still skilfully adapting classic designs for modern living and the Lit Bateau remains their signature bed.

Handmade and hand finished, the 
Claremont is a chic new take on the traditional Lit Bateau, very much at home with today’s comfortable mix of traditional and contemporary style. Shown here as a Super King, the Claremont is available in all sizes, from Single to Emperor. The Claremont is shown below in a contrasting stained black and flamed mahogany finish.
JULY 23RD 2015

The nomadic peoples of the remote Tien Shan Mountains in Kyrgyzstan have made Shyrdak felted wool rugs for over two and a half thousand years. Still made outdoors by tribal women, each rug takes a master cutter and her team up to 20 days to complete, cutting and stitching complex geometric shapes onto the flattened felt base. Every Shyrdak tells a unique story, using design motifs from an ancient decorative vocabulary.

The first company to import these works of art direct from their makers, Felt has built an international clientele of interior designers, architects and individual clients. Projects have included prestigious hotels, embassies, offices and private homes.

Exhibiting at 
Decorex for the first time since 2008, Felt is showing an inspiring range of new and vintage rugs and cushions. Shyrdak colours range from the dazzlingly bright to subtly muted tones, offering decorative possibilities for contemporary and traditional interiors. Perfect for floors and walls, sizes go from small (0.8m x 1m) up to room sized (2m x 3.5m) and larger. Felt always holds an extensive stock of rugs, with regular consignments of new pieces, but clients can also commission bespoke rugs in their chosen colours, patterns and sizes.

JULY 21ST 2015

Edward Bulmer explains the stories behind four of his newest blues (below, from left):

Azurite: “This blue is a real pick-me-up, packed with pigment to give strength and depth, but with earthy warmth. It is a homage to the pigment widely used since the Middle Ages to convey status and the highest creative endeavour.”

Turquoise: “Turkish stone, as the French named it, was not actually from Turkey but the country was certainly the trade route by which it first came to Europe. It remains a universally loved colour with a vitality which is hard to beat. It can be created with Prussian Blue pigment and became popular after the publication of a recipe for the pigment in 1724. We have kept our recipe for this shade simple, to produce a clear, vibrant colour as true to the gem as the name.”

Vert de Mer: “The great thing about this sea blue is that it conveys all the warmth of the Med and the greeny depth of the ocean. As a wall covering it brings a richness that is free of the seasons but is wonderfully timeless and so can complement any age of furnishings.”

Aquatic: “Using water to describe a colour is still the cop-out that it has always been since being listed in the Colourmen’s catalogues of the 18th Century. Is it blue? Is it green? We don’t know, but it is the colour of water and just as life-enhancing!”

JULY 20TH 2015
Temper Studio's new Beam Table explores what founder George Winks calls ‘symbolic friction’ between structural elements; in this case English Oak and cast concrete, fitted together like a spine to create a piece which is rich in material texture and architectural presence. The junction between the two materials is highlighted with a flash of coloured felt seen through the plate glass top. 

Every Beam Table is made to commission in Temper Studio’s Wiltshire workshops. Clients choose both the timber and size. The Beam Table shown here measures L150 x W75 x H72cm.

JULY 14TH 2015

Leading specialist British art dealers Philip Mould & Company have moved their premises from Dover Street to Pall Mall.

Neighbouring the National Gallery and St James’ Palace, the new gallery is spread over three floors. Interior designer and architectural historian Edward Bulmer worked on the redesign of the new space in partnership with Philip Mould – they are both graduates of the University of East Anglia.


Philip Mould describes his and Edward’s ambition in the redesign to “reveal the British face … using innovative theories on ancient colour backgrounds, pigments, materials and hues. We will be creating a stimulating space using new technology, including media installations, juxtaposed with contemporary and classic architectural detailing.”



Renowned for his authentic restorations of Britain’s heritage buildings, including Althorp, Kenwood and Goodwood House, Edward is a colour expert and is adept at choosing the right background to hang a painting on. Edward notes that, in the design of the gallery, “Our palette is consciously derived from that of the artist. By using a small group of pigments traditionally used in painting and restoration we can achieve the perfect tonality to allow paintings to appear to greatest advantage.” Edward worked with fabric designers Fermoie, colouring the fabrics used to hang the gallery walls and working to achieve the ideal density of colour.


JULY 13TH 2015

Shyrdaks were traditionally made by Kyrgyz nomads to decorate and insulate their yurts. Today they are still made entirely by hand, using the same methods and techniques that have been used for the last 2500 years.

The rugs are made by small teams of women, with one ‘master maker’ who negotiates the pattern and meaning of the rug and draws the pattern on to the felt with chalk before cutting out.

Each rug is made from raw wool which has been flattened with boiling water, rolled up in a reed mat and then ‘felted’ by being dragged across mountain pastures behind a galloping horse. The surface felts are coloured, traditionally with natural dyes made from roots and fruits, and then used to create geometric patterns which are bound to the base with strong stitching.

Shyrdak colours range from the dazzlingly bright to subtly muted tones, offering a wide range of decorative possibilities for both contemporary and traditional interiors. Felt also makes bespoke rugs to special commission.

The rugs are perfect for both floors and walls and sizes range from small (0.8m x 1m) to room sized (2m x 3.5m) and larger.

JULY 8TH 2015

Look for new organic inspirations in the bathroom, softening traditional basin shapes into intriguingly contemporary asymmetric forms.

New at Alternative Bathrooms, Leaf and Splash are two new countertop basins which connect with natural themes. Sleek and minimalist in pure white china, they bring the unexpected to cloakrooms and bathrooms, adding a touch of charm and character.


JULY 7TH 2015

Simon Horn’s glamorous Valentino bed is handcrafted from panels of antiqued glass with a timber frame artfully painted to resemble rusted metal. The result is a nod to decadent art deco style, a luxurious statement bed with delicate diamond shaped feet, perfect for contemporary or classic interiors.

You can take the look throughout your bedroom with the coordinating Valentino four drawer chest or three drawer bedside cabinet.


JULY 6TH 2015


High end furniture designers and makers Artichoke specified a bespoke La Cornue Château 150 range cooker and extraction canopy for this professional cook’s kitchen in Berkshire.

Finished in copper (to match the owner’s copper pans) and stainless steel, the Château stands out as the heart of this kitchen, underlining the combination of functionality, practicality and luxury which Artichoke has achieved in this design. Every inch a working kitchen, it is also a warm and sociable space, where the emphasis is on real furniture and natural materials which will withstand the test of time: English Oak, natural stones and gleaming metals.

Andrew Petherick, Director of Artichoke (artichoke.co.uk) comments on choosing a bespoke La Cornue for this kitchen, “Our client is a professional cook and wanted high performance appliances set within what she describes as ‘an Edwardian cook’s kitchen.’ The La Cornue range cooker was a natural choice as it combines classic good looks with power and state-of-the art cooking. The copper finish we specified is both a nod to tradition and right on one of today’s key trends.”


JUNE 23RD 2015

Inspired by boutique hotels, headboards are a key trend in contemporary bedroom designs. If you want to follow the interiors professionals’ lead, Simon Horn now offer custom headboards, made to order in the UK, allowing customers to specify everything from style and size to their own upholstery fabrics and finishing detailing.

Shown here, Simon Horn’s Winged 
Beaufort headboard was specified by RFR Property’s Interior Design Team for this elegant loft-style London apartment. The custom-made Beaufort with its classic studded detailing was upholstered in Kirkby Designs’ Oxford in ‘Midnight’, creating a cool, sophisticated, yet welcoming look.

JUNE 20TH 2015

Grand Palais, Paris: June 16th - 26th

Superstar Chef Jean Imbert is presiding over La Cornue’s sky-high Pop Up restaurant at the Cinema Paradiso film festival.


Showcasing classic films and cult favourites, the festival is being held in Paris’ dramatic Grand Palais building, under the largest glass roof in Europe.  

Equally dramatic, the specially-built La Cornue W. kitchen, designed by architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, is situated in a gallery 10 metres above floor level, giving diners balcony seats with a spectacular view of the giant screen. It’s an amazing combination of treats from La Cornue: dinner with France’s best known young chef and the best seats in the house!



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