JULY 15TH 2014
New at Alternative Bathrooms, the freestanding Mendi bath is a stylish crossover between traditional and contemporary style. Made in Mak, a bright white high-tech composite with a modern architectural aesthetic, its tapered sides and rounded corners also reference the classic tub.

Generously sized, the Mendi bath’s dimensions are 170 x 70 x 51cm.
JULY 14TH 2014
Lara Bohinc’s collaboration with stone experts Lapicida was initiated by Wallpaper* magazine for their Handmade exhibition for Salone del Mobile, Milan 2014. The result is the Solaris Table which bears all the hallmarks of luxury and precision which Lara brings to her jewellery, and Lapicida brings to its work in stone.

Solaris, a concept inspired by the planets and their orbital movements, is a theme running through much of Lara Bohinc’s work. Four stacked rings of marble move smoothly on a rotation spindle like a range of orbits. Highly polished circular brass dishes are inset into the marble plates and appear like planets rotating around a sun. The table is ever changing, as the plates can be easily moved around its axis. From a totally closed circle it can be spread open to almost double its size. Blurring the distinction between jewellery and furniture, Lara’s Solaris table is designed and made like an exquisite piece of jewellery, marrying stones and metals in a piece demanding both innovative technologies and traditional crafts.

Lara worked closely with Lapicida to find the four different gold-veined stones to make a unified progression from light to dark, from the top tier to the base. The four marbles used are, from the top down; Calacatta Oro, Fior di Bosco, Nero Oro and Nero Marquina. The brass elements have a brushed finish.

The Solaris Table as shown measures 100cm diameter closed and opens out to 175cm with all four tiers spread out.
JULY 1ST 2014
A collection of cushions in decorative fabrics will instantly bring an interior scheme together, adding style and giving the room a final flourish. James Hare silks offer endless opportunities with fabrics ranging from subtle lace to strong geometric.
Shown below are James Hare's Cosmos LacePrism SilkHoneycombWaterfall Silk and Luna.
JUNE 30TH 2014
This summer the Felt sale will return. If you’ve ever coveted a Felt rug or cushion, now is your chance to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity. The sale will run through the whole of July and August, offering 25% off all stock and new commissions.

There are hundreds of rugs available in all shapes, sizes and colours, perfect for floors or walls, as well as cushions and floor cushions. The full collection can be seen at Felt’s London showroom, to view by appointment.
JUNE 30TH 2014
Onyx is one of many semi-precious materials which Lapicida use to create extraordinary and beautiful objects.

Perfect for dramatic basins, Onyx is a crystalline stone with distinctive mineral banding ranging from pure white to subtle greys, pinks and browns. Hand carved from solid blocks of stone, each basin is completely individual, a work of art in its own right.

Designed to sit on vanity tops, Lapicida’s onyx basins come in a wide range of shapes and sizes.
JUNE 27TH 2014
This month the Arc team ventured out of London, taking a trip to the Court of Noke, Edward Bulmer’s organic Herefordshire farm, home and the base for Edward Bulmer Pots of Paint - Edward’s natural paint company.
It’s been an eventful year for Pots of Paint, who unveiled a rebranded look at the start of the year as well as bringing out a collection of 21 new colours. Our trip to Herefordshire was a chance to see behind the scenes as well as meet the rest of the marketing and design team behind Edward Bulmer Pots of Paint.   
 View of The Court of Noke - a beautiful 18th century house
Peter Lawley (Product Manager) and Hannah Williams (Paint Technician) talked us through the process used to mix Pots of Paint colours. A paint mixing machine is programmed to release different quantities of plant or mineral based pigments into a natural paint base. The machine holds 16 pigments at a time, but the majority of colours are created from the 7 key pigments traditionally used by decorators and colourmen.  Mixing paints requires ingenuity as well as a brilliant eye for colour.
Once the pigment is dispensed a mixer shakes the paint up to reveal the final product – Fawn, a light brown from the new collection. 
Pots of Paint are always testing their recipes and working with decorators to achieve the best result possible. Peter showed us his work testing the effect of painting on different surfaces – with and without a primer. For a perfect finish, Pots of Paint recommends using their undercoats or primers on all surfaces.
 Edward giving a quick paint lesson – paint is composed of pigment, binders and solvents. Pots of Paint’s Linseed Oil binder gives a perfect sheen.
Edward explained that Pots of Paint’s 100% natural formulation makes the paint breathable. Synthetic paint used on exterior woodwork can crack and blister when water gets into the wood, whereas natural paint allows moisture to escape without damaging the finish.
Entirely eco-friendly, the paint has a lovely, lavender-y smell – we even tested out the product ourselves.
 Edward demonstrating the ‘figure of eight’ painting technique.
JUNE 24TH 2014
Lapicida, the specialists in luxury stone, offer an exceptional collection of baths and basins in classical and contemporary shapes. Each piece is a sculpture in its own right, carved from a single block of stone or marble and hand finished. Lapicida also make bespoke baths and basins to order in spectacular materials including semi-precious stones.
JUNE 19TH 2014
Lema is one of the most influential names in contemporary Italian furniture, often collaborating with leading designers. Perfect for today’s zoned living, its innovative collections turn domestic space into dynamic space. New from Lema at DesignSpace London are two new wardrobe collections, Warm and Aria, both designed by David Lopez Quincoces.

Shown below left is Warm, named for its rich natural leather upholstery finish. Horizontal shadow lines break up the verticals of the tall wardrobe doors, creating a strong design focus. Available in a collection of leathers and fabrics.

Shown below right is Aria. Slim anodised aluminium frames hold the strong, lightweight glass panels. The glass is clear, allowing natural light to illuminate the inside of the wardrobes. Invisible hinges give the doors a sleek, uninterrupted line.

Warm and Aria are both part of Lema’s extensive ‘Armadio al Centrimetro’ wardrobe collection, allowing height, width and depth to be perfectly tailored to the space available. Custom interiors complete the bespoke designs.
JUNE 18TH 2014
New at Alternative Bathrooms, the Betty Bath is a modern take on the classic tub. Deep and curvaceous, its generous proportions make it perfect for both family bathrooms and private sanctuaries. Made in the ultra-smooth Mak composite, Betty comes in a choice of Gloss White or Matt White.
JUNE 12TH 2014
The newest colours from Edward Bulmer Pots of Paint include ‘Brimstone’. This is a clear, sunny yellow which originally dates back to the 19th Century. At that time, yellow paint would only have been seen in the very grandest of houses because the pigments, derived from lead, arsenic and tin, were so expensive.
Although these pigments are not in use today, Edward Bulmer captures all of their richness and depth in his authentic recreation of this lusciously lemony shade. Formulated using only safe, natural pigments and non-toxic binders, it is correct in historic settings and brings a beautiful new lustre to contemporary interiors.
JUNE 12TH 2014
Hand carved from solid blocks of natural alabaster, Lapicida’s new stone vessels pay homage to antiquity. Prized for their translucence and supremely smooth, tactile finish, alabaster jars were dedicated to deities throughout the ancient world. From Mesopotamia to the Egypt of the Pharaohs, they held perfumes, honey and other precious contents.

Lapicida’s recreations of these ancient jars make uniquely decorative pieces for modern living. The alabaster has a naturally golden glow which can be given even more drama with nightlights illuminating the stone from within.

Every vessel is a one-off piece. Heights shown range from 22cm to 36.5cm.
JUNE 11TH 2014

La Cornue W. melds La Cornue’s heritage with the radical thinking of renowned French architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte. Whilst preserving La Cornue hallmarks such as the legendary vaulted oven, Wilmotte deconstructs the kitchen, re-assembling key functions into supremely elegant pieces. Handbuilt to order in La Cornue’s workshops just outside Paris, the W. range maintains the tradition and quality implicit in the La Cornue name and gives it a new, architectural edge, perfectly tuned to contemporary interiors.

NEW: The La Cornue W. freestanding induction table can now form the heart of a bespoke island. Customised walnut extensions are made to order in a wide range of different configurations and different heights to create dining, prepping and countertop space.

The induction table incorporates an advanced 14kw induction hob with four cooking zones arranged in an arc, allowing the whole surface to be both a cooking and preparation area. Now, this extends naturally into handmade walnut tops to form the sociable and highly functional centrepiece of the kitchen.

JUNE 10TH 2014
Interior designers are brilliant at combining different colours, patterns and textures. It may look hard to accomplish, but James Hare’s cleverly co-ordinated fabrics offer a great way to achieve that professionally-designed look.
More than thirty different James Hare collections range from classic to contemporary, with coordinated colour themes running through both plain and patterned fabrics in textures ranging from smooth silks and linens to lush velvets and embroidery. James Hare have made it easy to put it all together and create beautiful interiors.
Perfect for curtains, bedheads, blinds, cushions, light shades and other decorative accents, James Hare’s fabrics offer a matchless range of ideas and inspiration.
JUNE 10TH 2014
Freshly arrived from Kyrgyzstan, Felt’s new collection of rugs includes vivid designs in a range of sizes and patterns, from rounds to runners and room-size rugs.

Perfectly at home in contemporary or traditional interiors, the latest collection includes brilliant brights as well as subtle neutrals in natural wool colours.

Every one of Felt’s shrydaks tells a unique story; motifs are chosen to bestow blessings or describe the nomads’ life in the mountains. Each rug is a vibrant work of art, as practical and hardwearing as it is decorative.
JUNE 5TH 2014
Available in the UK at DesignSpace London, Modulnova’s dynamic and flexible solutions for kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces represent the best of Italian design.  

One of Modulnova’s most pioneering designs, the Cucina BLADE collection continues to make technical and aesthetic advances in kitchens. Its newest version sees patented ultra-thin glass panels and anodised aluminium used for both fronts and tops.  Super-strong, highly durable and wholly recyclable, this is the perfect meeting of high-function and architectural purity of line.  
JUNE 4TH 2014

La Cornue’s refrigerators and wine cellars are made from stainless steel, aluminium and glass. Manufactured in small runs, they offer state of the art technology, finely-tuned to different cold storage requirements and designed to run autonomously for 18 hours in case of power cuts. Ideal for use side-by-side, both appliances can be housed or integrated within kitchen cabinets including La Cornue’s own furniture. They can also be freestanding. Finish options include hand stitched leather handles.

REFRIGERATORS/FREEZERS: Virtually silent (average 40 dB) and brilliantly lit by LED, La Cornue’s A+ rated fridges are equipped with two separate compressors and three separate evaporators. This creates three distinct cold zones, each with its own electronic controls allowing for different uses at different temperatures. The two drawer freezer sections, for instance, can be switched over to refrigeration mode or to Fresco Controlled Humidity mode. Electronic control panels give instant overview and controllability, whilst half tray modules allow easy organisation. La Cornue fridges measure 600mm (350 litre), 750mm (448 litre) and 900mm (552 litre). The 750 and 900 models also have adjustable ice makers. Freezer drawers are frost free and rated ****.

WINE CELLARS: Available in 600mm and 900mm sizes, La Cornue’s super-quiet (average 40 dB) A+ rated wine cellars offer three distinct zones with independent temperature/humidity settings. The ‘Grand Réserve’ zone is for vintage wines whilst the ‘Fresco’ zone is for everyday wines. The third zone can be set anywhere from +8ºC to -22 ºC, perfect for storing anything from water, juice and beer to, in its coldest mode, ice, vodka or other frozen drinks. Interior lighting is LED. The glass-panelled doors are anti-UV and the interiors have untreated beechwood shelves equipped with a shock-proof and vibration-proof system. The 600mm wine cabinet has a 350 litre capacity and the 900mm offers 552 litres. Freezer zones are rated ****.

JUNE 3RD 2014

Small missives from the classical world, Lapicida’s fragments of marble statuary and architecture are evocative, dramatic and decorative.

A broken detail from a column, a feathered wing or a realistic life-size hand, each piece is a close encounter with the skilled craftsmen who brought life to the raw stone. Patiently salvaged and restored by Lapicida, these grand classical fragments vary considerably in age; some old, some new, but all equally compelling in their detail. 
JUNE 2ND 2014
New at Alternative Bathrooms, the KellyBook bath is an impressive statement piece for contemporary bathrooms. The pure white form of the bath encloses a set of sleek shelves to style as you will… with books, towels or decorative elements.

Custom made, the KellyBook has a wide range of options and comes freestanding or semi-recessed. Made from bright white Mak composite, the bath can be gloss or matt to order. The shelves too, are finished to order in a wide range of wood and coloured lacquer finishes.
MAY 28TH 2014
Luxury stone experts Lapicida supplied the Luminarium marble sculpture for the show garden created by New Zealand winery Cloudy Bay at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Awarded a Silver Gilt medal, the garden celebrates the wines through an immersive sensory experience.
Standing two metres high and carved from solid Italian Carrara marble, Luminarium (the Latin word for light or lamp) was designed for Lapicida by the internationally-renowned artist Diego Fortunato. Its curved and stepped form reflects the sound waves created by speaking the word ‘light’.
The garden was designed by the leading design practice Wilson McWilliam Studio. The scheme used textured planting and materials including charred-edged oak panels which reference the oak in Cloudy Bay’s Pinot Noir. The designers chose Lapicida’s imposing sculpture to add yet another dimension to the theme; sharing a serrated edge yet contrasting the rough oak with smooth polished marble.
Luminarium is made to order by Lapicida in a wide range of marbles and stones.
Photo credit: Paul Childs
MAY 27TH 2014
The newest colours from Edward Bulmer Pots of Paint include ‘Invisible Green’, an evocatively named colour from the mid-18th Century, when splendid houses were set in equally spectacular gardens.   
Edward has revived this lush, vibrant shade, saying "Invisible Green was an exterior colour, designed to make ironwork ‘disappear’ against the green of the surrounding landscape.” His new version, equally at home in interior settings, is a historically accurate, strong chrome-based hue, packed with pigment and formulated with only natural ingredients.   
Architectural historian and colour expert Edward Bulmer is a ‘Colourman’ in the true 18th century sense of the word. His 100% natural Pots of Paint range offers a unique patina alive with pure colour. Its chalky finish has both exceptional depth and a subtle, mutable response to light which synthetic paints can never mimic. The effect is as remarkable in ultra-modern interiors as it is in Georgian stately homes and just as obvious in the neutral shades as in the bright, strong colours.   
MAY 23RD 2014
The Christopher Jenner collection for Drummonds launched at this year's Clerkenwell Design Week, which wrapped up yesterday. Drummonds set up shop in a temporary showroom on the corner of St John's Square in Craft Central, displaying the two vanities, linen cupboard and chest, all crafted in cast iron, enamel and solid wood.. Drinks and canapes were enjoyed on the first night to celebrate the launch and the pieces will now be displayed at Drummonds' new Kings Road showroom.

Elsewhere at CDW, the historic Farmiloe building was home to the Design Factory, hosting contemporary design brands across four floors. The Farmiloe building, a listed Victorian warehouse, was an atmospheric setting. Old panelled offices housed a retail space , featuring Transport for London, who are launching a collection of Old and New Routemaster inspired designs from Mini Moderns, Ella Doran and Tatty Devine to celebrate the Year of the Bus. Loved the cushions - designs are taken from London Transport Museum's archive. The pattern below was introduced on the Piccadilly line in 1997.

Turkishceramics created a striking tile installation beneath the 16th century St John's Gate, with mirrored walls that reflect the tiles and vaulted ceiling into infinity.

Platform, at the House of Detention, a former Victorian prison, provided a backdrop to the work of emerging young designers, including A Rum Fellow a London based company that produces handmade Guatemalan textiles.
CDW 2014 was attended by 20,000 people over the three days.. We'll be out and about again at London Design Festival this September.
MAY 22ND 2014
Part of James Hare’s new Prism Silks collection, Honeycomb is fresh and modern, translating the bees’ natural hexagons into a fabric with bold graphic interest.
Perfect for curtains, bedheads, blinds, cushions and other decorative detailing, Honeycomb comes in four co-ordinating colourways with warm neutral backgrounds.
MAY 19TH 2014
Lapicida’s ongoing design collaboration with celebrated designer Bethan Gray sees the launch of a new Brogue table collection featuring character marble tops set on elegantly tapered timber legs.

The collection includes a dining table, console table and coffee table, available in bespoke combinations of three different marble tops: Carrara, Montclair and Nero Marquina and three different timber bases: Natural Oak, American Black Walnut and Textured Oak. Bethan’s unmistakeable style shines in the pure, refined lines and her hallmark ‘Brogue’ edge detailing, a technical tour de force from Lapicida’s craftsmen.
MAY 19TH 2014

La Cornue range cookers are a kitchen legend… and Château is the ultimate La Cornue. Hand built to order, it comes in 8 models with bespoke cooktop configurations and a virtually infinite combination of finishes.

La Cornue’s Blue Lotus model brings a new, contemporary finish to the classic Chateau 150. Smart and sophisticated, with an urban-industrial edge, it combines ‘rice grain’ hammered stainless steel fronts with beautiful grey-blue enamel detailing. Underlining the sheer luxury of this model, the front towel rail is covered in matching blue leather.

MAY 14TH 2014
The newest colours from Edward Bulmer Pots of Paint include ‘White Lead’, an eco-friendly version of traditional white lead oil paint.
Also known as ‘Flake White’ and widely used for centuries, traditional White Lead was manufactured by storing sheets of lead in pits of manure until flaky white deposits formed. These were then mixed into an oil base. No longer used because of health hazards, white lead paint did have a very special colour tone which Edward recaptures in his authentic recreation. Formulated using only safe, natural pigments and non-toxic binders, it is correct in historic settings and brings a beautiful new lustre to contemporary interiors.
The architectural historian and colour expert Edward Bulmer is a ‘Colourman’ in the true 18th century sense of the word. His 100% natural Pots of Paint range offers a unique patina alive with pure colour. Its chalky finish has both exceptional depth and a subtle, mutable response to light which synthetic paints can never mimic. The effect is as remarkable in ultra-modern interiors as it is in Georgian stately homes and just as obvious in the neutral shades as in the bright, strong colours.


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