AUGUST 17TH 2018

Embracing a return of food and cookery to the kitchen, the new Lepic kitchen by leading British designer Jasper Morrison marks a move away from minimalism and instead focuses on practicality and the pleasures of cooking and eating.

A seemingly simple design, the kitchen draws upon Morrison’s creative philosophy of the ‘super normal’, in which every element is carefully considered and refined.  Using a variety of materials and compositions, the Lepic is rich in detail and meets all the complex requirements of a modern, lived-in kitchen.

It combines natural materials such as wood with the latest innovative technology, creating a space which is entirely practical and durable, but which retains a warm and organic feel.  Cabinet doors are finished with veneered natural oak and Fenix NMT, a nanotechnological material which is opaque, soft to the touch and extremely hard-wearing.  The worktops are made from wood fibre and are plated on both sides in Fenix NMT.

Open storage provides easy access to pots, pans and food stuffs whilst the stainless-steel back panel, featuring machined grooves, allows the kitchen to be customised with a wide range of visible accessories and utensils. The handles, available in solid natural oak or cast-iron effect painted metal, are deliberately prominent, designed to hold dish cloths while the stainless-steel hood, in a satin finish, is intended for additional storage use.  The island offers a generous space for food preparation and entertaining.

The fusion of Morrison’s refined design ethos and Schiffini’s modular hallmark style results in a lived-in kitchen with atmosphere and the joy of cookery at its heart. 

The Lepic kitchen comes in three finishes: Malè White, Ingo Black and Beige Luxor. 

Schiffini kitchens start from £20,000. 
JULY 19TH 2018

We are delighted to announce we have been appointed to handle the PR for Schiffini who have recently opened a London showroom.

Leaders in the development of the modular kitchen Schiffini embodies the creativity and craftsmanship of Italian design. Founded in 1925, the company has collaborated with some of the greatest names in industrial design such as Vico Magistretti, Alfredo Häberli and Jasper Morrison.  Headed by Enrico Schiffini it remains a family business to this day.

These visionary architects and designers have constantly rethought the concept of the kitchen; coming up with new materials, engineering solutions and functional advances. Each collection has its unique characteristics but shares Schiffini’s emphasis on design values and build quality and - crucially - on making the kitchen a space to be lived in and enjoyed to the full.


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