JULY 5TH 2016
‘Pale’ is a key trend in today’s kitchens. Modern designers give light colours a new focus by mixing warm and cool finishes and introducing a range of textures.
Shown here, this @HOME Elmar kitchen is available from Laurence Pidgeon. It features a mixed  palette of materials, all in neutral shades: The base, wall and tall units are in a warm-toned matt Bleached Oak, highlighted with open shelving in a titanium metallic finish.  In contrast, the large island, which includes both cooking and wet zones, is in ‘Gres’, a  cool grey/cream lacquer with a silky satin finish  
Typical of Elmar’s innovative approach to space planning, the island also houses a retractable table. Finished in titanium, it gives another counterpoint to the pale wood and lacquer.  Elmar’s ‘Easy’ table comes in two sizes and can be seamlessly incorporated into @HOME islands or peninsulas of 180cm or longer. 
Designed and made in Italy, Elmar is one of the roster of highly innovative kitchen brands available from Laurence Pidgeon.  An opinion-former who has transformed the way our homes look and perform, Laurence’s eye for the ‘next big thing’ is well known, as is his ability to create an individual design response for every client.  He has spent his entire life in the kitchen and bathroom industry and also has, by his own confession, an “almost obsessive” interest in cooking.  Combining these unique insights with cutting edge products, his London showroom is an unmissable destination.
MAY 12TH 2016

Bright and airy, beautifully planned and equipped, this kitchen is the result of a true collaboration and meeting of minds. For Laurence Pidgeon, it gave an opportunity to work with creative, design-aware clients who knew what they wanted from their new kitchen. For the clients, it was exciting to work with a leading kitchen designer, offering not only his matchless space planning and ergonomic knowledge but also his own experience as a keen cook who really understands how a kitchen should perform.

Laurence’s design perfectly fits the clients’ brief for a clean, sleek contemporary look. Handleless cabinetry in palest grey gloss is counterpointed with matt white Corian worktops. Extensive storage, including a dedicated breakfast cabinet, keeps ingredients, small electricals and other necessities out of sight, whilst high-spec stainless steel appliances, including an extractor fan fitted flush to the ceiling, puts technology at the clients’ fingertips. The calm, neutral palette is brought to life with colourful accessories and books, taking a lifestyle look through from the kitchen into the comfortable sitting area beyond. 
MAY 29TH 2015

Laurence Pidgeon is the exclusive stockist for Apaiser’s new Kelly Hoppen bathroom collections

Luxury Australian brand Apaiser’s products have a natural organic feel and sculptural lines. They are eco-friendly too: each piece is individually made by craftsmen, using a sustainable recycled crushed marble. Beautifully smooth, with excellent thermal properties, it is also exceptionally durable.   

Kelly has designed three distinctive new bath and basin collections for Apaiser: Origami, Bande and Harmony. They marry the unique properties of the material with her signature themes of form and colour, featuring taupe and charcoal counterpointed with bright white and linen white. 

ORIGAMI:  In an exploration of dynamic contrasts, the intricate art of paper folding is translated into marble.  The epitome of design discipline and utterly Zen in pure white, the Origami bath and basin blur the divide between everyday objects and art. 


BANDE: The forms of both bath and basin were inspired by the warmth and comfort of Japanese wooden bathtubs, with decorative banding echoing the traditional Obi sash.  Bande comes in Kelly’s famous white and taupe palette. 

HARMONY:  Dramatic in dark grey and white, the Harmony bath and basin explore the layering of different textures inspired by Lotus flowers. Celebrating bathing as a ceremony, Harmony portrays purity and strength through its combination of soft lines and strong outer structure.

When it comes to interiors, grey is here to stay. Far from drab, this wonderfully versatile colour is the perfect neutral: calm, sophisticated and a beautiful backdrop to brighter pops of colour.
Colour expert Edward Bulmer notes that "Grey is a lovely colour with so many nuances, from soft pinky ‘dove greys’ to deep charcoal tones.  Some are very warm colours, others have cooler, more steely qualities.” In decorating terms Edward recommends: "Don’t feel that you have to paint all the walls in your sitting room in the same colour.  It could work really well to just paint one wall in your chosen grey and use it as a backdrop to a focus piece of furniture such as a sofa or sideboard.”
We’ve selected our favourite looks from across our clients for some grey inspiration:
Cea taps offer some of the most exciting and original design work of this century and the technology behind them is just as impressive. The new INNOVO collection incorporates a series of patented water and energy-saving functions. The mixer always opens from cold, making hot water a conscious choice, and it also incorporates an aerator with a flow limiter, saving water without noticeably affecting the flow rate. Another important feature is the spout, which can be rotated slightly to instantly reduce the flow to just 2 litres per minute; the perfect level for simple tasks which don’t need a lot of water such as drinking or brushing teeth.

Designed for Cea by Natalino Malasorti and available in the UK from Laurence Pidgeon, the Cea Innovo Collection includes basin, bath and shower taps in stainless steel, available in a range of finishes.
Laurence Pidgeon has always specialised in finding fresh design concepts, introducing important new kitchen and bathroom designers to the UK. His latest find is Fagor UK’s futuristic Spoutnik microwave.

Named after the first ever satellite launched into orbit, the Spoutnik’s space age look is supported by 21st century technologies. The 700W microwave has an innovative domed design, giving a 360° view of what’s cooking on the illuminated turntable. 

Spoutnik’s compact design incorporates a surprisingly spacious interior and allows easy access for cleaning. With soft touch controls and an intuitive digital display, the microwave is available in three vivid colours: Ultra Violet, Blue Odyssey and Green Flash.
Laurence Pidgeon has always specialised in finding ‘the next big thing’, introducing important new kitchen and bathroom designers to the UK. One of his latest finds is bathrooms by WET….

The Wet concept is an interplay between colour and light using new generation, recyclable materials and LED technology.  Young, imaginative, witty and very Italian, this is cutting edge style for the bathroom. From taps to baths and basins, Wet explores new avenues of design, transforming sanitaryware into vivid sculpture, alive with luminous colour.  

Wet baths and basins can be seen exclusively at Laurence Pidgeon’s recently opened Fulham showroom. Shown here is the ‘LTT’ bathtub available in a wide range of colourways and a variety of lighting options.
JUNE 23RD 2013
We are delighted to announce the arrival of Made a Mano at Laurence Pidgeon’s new London kitchen and bathroom showroom.  

Made a Mano is renowned for its lavastone and ceramic products, which are true works of art.  Designed in Denmark and handmade in Sicily, they combine high design values with a simple, artisanal sensibility.  Plain wall and floor tiles, countertops and basins carved from solid volcanic rock come in natural lavastone or glazed in dense, saturated, brilliant colour.  Decorative tiles are inspired both by oriental textiles and by Sicily’s own multi-cultural inheritance.
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