Lapicida’s new Alora porcelain tiles have a rich, warm Mediterranean feel.  Perfect facsimiles of a vintage terracotta, complete with mellow colour variations and natural textures, they are an easy and cost- effective way to get one of today’s most on-trend looks.

Light, strong and extremely easy to look after, Lapicida’s high-tech porcelain tiles come in a dazzling array of extraordinary lookalikes, including timber, metal, glass, cement and ceramics.    

Easy to install on interior walls and floors, 
Alora porcelain tiles measure 450 x 450 x 10mm. 

JULY 11TH 2018

A classic stonemasonry technique, bookmatched marble has become a key trend in today’s interiors.  Using natural marble slabs to create geometric feature floors and walls is the height of luxury for kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms.

Now marble experts 
Lapicida have launched a far simpler, less expensive way to get the look.  Their amazing new ‘Bluetta’ porcelain offers a really authentic alternative to bookmatched marble, making it a great choice where budgets are limited or marble slabs would be too thick or heavy.  It is suitable for interior and exterior walls.

Light, strong and just 10mm thick, Bluetta’s extra-large tiles measure 2400mm x 1200mm each and are used in pairs to create the bookmatched effect shown here.  Easy to handle and straightforward to install they cost £142.80 per square metre (inc VAT). 

JUNE 5TH 2018

Lapicida is increasingly adding hi-tech options to its range, partnering its famous natural stone and marble collections with state of the art materials for walls and floors.  The newest introduction is the Cosentino collection of Silestone® and Dekton® large format flooring and cladding tiles.

Exclusive to Lapicida in the UK, these tiles offer a wealth of contemporary design opportunities, including the chance to perfectly match floors and walls to worktops, a great look for kitchens and bathrooms which is becoming increasingly on trend.    

Both materials are based on natural stone and manufactured using processes which make them exceptionally dense, durable, hygienic and resistant to scratching, staining and other wear and tear.  They can also be directly matched to Silestone® and Dekton® worktops (the market leaders in quartz and sintered stone), available from leading kitchen studios. 


Shown above:   Floor tiles and island cladding in Silestone® ‘Iconic White’ shows the sleek, architectural finish achieved by matching the floor tiles to the cladding of the island.  Silestone® is made of 90% natural quartz and Lapicida supplies the wall and floor tiles in 60 different colours and three finishes, with a wide range of tile sizes (up to 600 x 600mm) and thicknesses.


Dekton® combines quartz, glass and porcelain in a unique ‘sintering’ process which mimics the metamorphic process of natural stone, rendering it extremely hard-wearing, scratch resistant and low-maintenance.  Dekton® wall and floor tiles are available from Lapicida in more than 30 colourways and a wide range of tile sizes (up to 1570 x 1400mm) and thicknesses.  

Shown above and below: From solid colours to special effects including marble, steel and cement, the Dekton® collection offers exciting ideas for matching and co-ordinating walls, floors and surfaces.  Because it is frost-proof, you can even take the look out into the garden.

MAY 8TH 2018

Illusion Porcelain in White 

Lapicida’s new Illusion porcelain floor and wall tiles are an amazing new material which perfectly captures the authentic look and texture of natural limestone.  

Taking realism to a whole new level, the random patterns of shells, veins and mineral nuances which make natural stone so intriguing have been recreated in both look and feel… making it almost impossible to distinguish from the real thing.  

Made using the latest high-resolution porcelain technology, Illusion offers the advantage of being much stronger than natural stone. This makes it suitable for a wider range of locations, especially as it is easy to install, stable, non-porous and extremely hardwearing. 

Illusion porcelain tiles are designed to be used on their own or in conjunction with natural stone.  Entirely frost-proof, they can also be used on exterior walls and terraces, making them ideal for getting the ‘inside/outside’ look of a single surface flowing through from the house into the garden. 

Fossil detail on Dark and White tiles

Illusion Porcelain 

Available in a range of finishes from honed to anti-slip 
and a choice of tile sizes (all 14mm thick):
1200 x 600mm, 900 x 900mm, 
600 x 600mm, 600 x 300mm

Illusion porcelain in Dark

Illusion comes in four authentic limestone colourways: Grey, Dark, Beige and White, with a range of tile sizes and finishes including honed, matt and textured. 

APRIL 23RD 2018

Exclusive to Lapicida, the new ‘Misto’ ceramic wall tiles are handmade in the Azulejo tin-glaze tradition, which originates in the 13th century and is often seen in Spain and Portugal.  Today, a new look at this ancient art form is rediscovering its decorative appeal for modern interiors.

In tune with tradition, 
Misto tiles are hand moulded and hand glazed, giving all the characteristic irregularities and variations typical of artisan production.  The blue and white design is a contemporary take on classical themes, mixing together patterned ‘fragments’ to make each wall a completely unique installation.

Sustainable production processes make Misto an environmentally friendly product.  Suitable for all interior wall tiling including showers, the tiles are made to order and measure 14 x 14 x 1cm.  Sold as individual tiles or as a random mix.

MARCH 23RD 2018

Famous for its antique stone floors, which are reclaimed from historic buildings all over Europe, Lapicida has been working with a leading porcelain manufacturer to develop a perfect look-alike.

Villasse, the new collection has the authentic look and feel of an ancient limestone.  Designed to be used either on their own, or in conjunction with antique flooring, Villasse tiles offer the advantage of being very much lighter and, with a depth of just 10mm, far thinner than reclaimed stone.  Easy to install, they are non-porous and maintenance-free.  

Perfect for floors and walls, Villasse is also frost-resistant.  This makes it ideal for getting the indoor/outdoor look of a single surface flowing from the house straight into the garden.  

Villasse comes in four natural colourways, a cool grey ‘Ash’, the warmer-tones of ‘Sand’ and ‘Mocha’, and the soft-cream ‘White’.  All four colourways are available in three different tile sizes which can be used separately or combined in the random mix of sizes which is typical of genuinely old stone floors. 

Villasse Porcelain 
Tile sizes (all 10mm thick):
906x604mm; 604x604mm; 604x302mm
Available in random mix to order. 

Ash                             Mocha                        Sand                          White 

Classic black and white chequerboard floors have their origins in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome.  The bold juxtaposition of black and white tiles was symbolic of harmony, representing light and darkness held in perfect balance.

From the cathedrals of the Middle Ages to the 17th century Palace of Versailles, chequerboard floors carried right through into the 20th century, when they were taken up in succession by Art Deco designers and 1930’s Modernists.  They are the perfect definition of a style icon.

Today, chequerboard floors bring geometric drama to contemporary interiors. 
Lapicida offer them in sizes ranging from micro-mosaic up to large flagstones; with materials including new and reclaimed marbles, limestones and porcelains creating a wide choice of different aesthetics and price points.

Black and white tiles are often used to define hallways, but interior designers are increasingly using them for other areas of the home, including bathrooms, where they also make striking feature walls in showers or cloakrooms. In large open-plan, multi-purpose spaces such as kitchen/living rooms, patterned areas can be laid together with co-ordinating plains to define particular zones.

Forming a direct connection between the classical world and today’s interiors, the simple geometry of black and white tiles defines them as a modern classic, offering a wealth of new design potential.


Lapicida’s Cementine Collection combines the durability and practicality of porcelain with the look of traditional stoneware tiles. Perfect for walls and floors, the collection offers a wide range of 20cm square tiles in co-ordinating patterns, bringing new design potential to kitchens and bathrooms. Matching plains add further detail.
Lapicida’s top quality porcelain tiles come in a wide range of sizes and specialist finishes including wholly authentic-looking timber, concrete and stone. Chosen to work alongside their premium marbles and stone they can be used together in the same projects, often as a solution to weight or thickness issues.  


Perthshire Panelling is part of an exciting new collection of porcelain tiles from luxury stone specialist Lapicida. In warm wooden tones designed to replicate real rustic wood, the textured ‘planks’ offer an architectural look for walls and floors.
Expertly curated, Lapicida’s extensive porcelain collection comes in a wide range of sizes and a variety of authentic finishes. Chosen to work alongside their premium marble and stone they can be used together in the same projects, often as a solution to weight or thickness issues.  Many of Lapicida’s porcelains are also frost proof, designed to be used for exterior decorative finishes. 


Launched in 2015, Lapicida’s Marble Refectory Tables have become a design classic. Handmade in Yorkshire, the combination of weathered oak and marble has proved irresistible for indoor and outdoor living. 

Now the collection has been extended to offer more shapes and sizes including an entirely new square table in two sizes and new compact versions of both the rectangular table and the round table.  

All eight versions of the Marble Refectory Table come with two different marble tops; a simple white Carrara and the characterful Birr Oyster Fossil.  Two different edge treatments are also available; a traditional rounded bullnose and a highly architectural ribbed edge. 

Everything in the collection can also be ordered in a special outdoor version, with additional weatherproofing details including a drip channel on the underside of the marble, metal studs under the feet and a smart waterproof, breathable cover.

JULY 10TH 2017

Terracotta (‘cooked earth’) floors are back, now gracing some of the smartest interiors with their warm, natural appeal. The epitome of relaxed living, they come in a wide range of pinks, reds and creams - reflecting the clays native to the regions from which they hail.  

Lapicida has a wide selection of original antique terracotta tiles, salvaged from 18th and 19th Century buildings, mainly in France.  Authentically aged by the passage of time and use, they have both tonal and textural beauty, perfectly in tune with the contemporary take on decorative interiors. 

Carefully lifted, cleaned and hand matched by Lapicida, each antique terracotta floor is a complete one-off. 

JUNE 8TH 2017

Graphite Panelling is part of an exciting new collection of ceramic tiles from luxury stone specialist Lapicida. In warm dark grey, with a lustrous matt finish and raised borders, it offers a new architectural look for interior and exterior walls. 

Expertly curated, Lapicida’s extensive porcelain and ceramic collections for walls and floors comes in a wide range of sizes and a variety of authentic finishes. Chosen to work alongside their premium marble and stone they can be used together in the same projects, often as a solution to weight or thickness issues. Many of Lapicida’s porcelains and ceramics are also frost proof, designed to be used for exterior decorative finishes

In a natural finish, Graphite ceramic tiles come in two sizes (305x305mm and 610x305mm, both 10mm thick) which can be used together to achieve numerous decorative effects. 
MAY 4TH 2017

Designed for interior walls and floors, Old Faro is one of an exciting new collection of porcelain tiles from luxury stone specialist Lapicida. Convincingly reproducing antique blue and white terracotta tiles, with all of their ageing, fading and patina, Old Faro perfectly captures the spirit of vintage interiors.  

Expertly curated, Lapicida’s porcelain collection is chosen to work alongside their premium marble and stone. The two collections sit well together and can often be used in the same projects. Some areas have specific requirements which stone can’t fulfil as easily as porcelain, particularly where there are weight or thickness issues.  

Many of Lapicida’s porcelain tiles can also be used outside, making them ideal for contemporary indoor/outdoor spaces where a single flooring can run through the house and out onto a terrace.  Frost and slip-resistant, porcelain can offer a simple, cost-effective way to get the look.

Lapicida’s extensive porcelain collection for walls and floors comes in a wide range of sizes and a variety of authentic finishes including timber, concrete, marble and stone. 

Matt finished, Old Faro porcelain tiles measure 330 x 330mm and are 10mm thick. 
APRIL 6TH 2017

Inspired by 1930’s Art Deco, Lapicida’s glamorous ‘Astoria’ vanity has classic lines and a strong architectural presence. Originally made in solid Carrara marble with brushed brass inlays, it now comes in a second, equally dramatic, version featuring honed Verde Guatemala.   

Verde Guatemala is a famously lustrous dark green marble, often seen in original Art Deco design. A modern accent is added by brushed copper inlays, making this vanity right on trend for both classic and contemporary interiors.

Generously dimensioned, the Astoria stands 900mm high by 700mm wide and 400mm deep

Matching: The Astoria Mirror
The simple elegance of the Astoria mirror echoes the Deco spirit of the Astoria vanity. Available in both honed Verde Guatemala with brushed copper inlays and honed Carrara with brushed brass.  
MARCH 28TH 2017

Silver Mirror is one of an exciting new collection of decorative porcelain tiles from luxury stone specialist Lapicida. Convincingly reproducing the subtle reflections, shades and patina of antique mirror glass, it’s on trend for both vintage-inspired and highly contemporary walls and floors… and can even be used on exterior walls. 

Expertly curated, Lapicida’s porcelain collection is chosen to work alongside their premium marble and stone. The two collections sit well together and can often be used in the same projects. Some areas have specific requirements which stone can’t fulfil as easily as porcelain, particularly where there are weight or thickness issues.  

Lapicida’s extensive porcelain collection comes in a wide range of sizes and a variety of authentic finishes including timber, concrete, marble and stone.

Glazed and polished, Silver Mirror porcelain tiles measure 600x600mm and are 10mm thick.
MARCH 1ST 2017

New: Brogue Table and Brogue Side Table

Brogue is one of Bethan Gray’s signature designs, originally a leather-topped wooden table, featuring punched and stitched brogue edge detailing. In 2014 Lapicida produced a limited-edition version of the Brogue Table in solid marble, complete with the complex edge detailing rendered in the stone.  

Now, Lapicida’s Brogue Table has been put into production. Made from specially selected Carrara marble, it is available in two sizes, including the new Side Table. Offering a sleek, architectural look and an extraordinary tactile finish, Brogue tables are an iconic modern design: both functional and sculptural.

The precise brogue edge detailing is a technical tour de force, underlining Lapicida’s exceptional craft skills and unique approach to decorative stone.

Lapicida’s new e-commerce website is a revolution in choosing and buying stone. With the look and feel of a luxury fashion brand, inspirational images are backed by detailed product information and pricing. Featuring stone for walls, floors, baths, basins, furniture and decorative accessories for the home, it shows contemporary and classic looks in materials including marble and limestone.  

The site also uses the latest user-experience technology, with shareable mood boards, advanced search facilities and e-commerce on many products, including Lapicida’s glamorous new Lara Bohinc and Anouska Hempel accessories collections. Supporting the website, additional customer advice is provided over the phone or in person by Lapicida’s London and Harrogate showrooms.   
New: The Collision Console and The Half Moon Mirror

The ongoing ‘Lunar’ collaboration between Lapicida and designer Lara Bohinc moves into a new phase with the launch of two new elements. 

Inspired by the planets and their orbital movements, a recurrent theme in Lara Bohinc’s work, the Lunar Collection features important pieces of furniture, with highly-figured marbles set like jewels within golden rims.  Disc shapes bisect or overlay to create surface patterns and structural elements. 

The newest introductions, the Collision Console and Half Moon Mirror are simpler, more compact pieces, ideal to use as standalone design statements or to harmonise with the larger tables in the collection.  Imbued with all the decorative and dynamic poise of the Lunar Collection, they have a refined luxury which perfectly showcases the natural beauty of the stone. 

The Erosion Collection demonstrates a new form of craftsmanship. Reflecting Lapicida’s unique approach to stone, the collection was inspired by a dialogue between nature and technology that has resulted in remarkable statement pieces.  

The project was initiated by Lapicida’s Head of Product Development Paula Henderson, who envisioned an iconic design, born from an exploration into the technical possibilities of the 5 axis CNC machine. Exploiting the latest manufacturing processes, it would give marble a new contemporary relevance through today’s technology. 

Paula awarded the design commission to the Swiss-based Designer Ini Archibong, saying, “It was clear from Ini’s work that he has a highly developed sensitivity to materials and a willingness, as a digital native, to engage and experiment with leading-edge technology.”   

Responding to Lapicida’s brief, Archibong began to explore marble and its relationship with the forces that give it shape, taking the natural eroded formations of stone as inspiration for the collection. By replicating this natural erosion process as digital pathways, and by programing specific digital tool paths into the CNC machine, a delicate eroded surface pattern emerged.

The production of the very first Erosion Bowl was a step into the unknown for both the artist and the craftsmen operating the CNC. A solid block of Carrara marble spent over 50 hours on the machine as cutting and shaping progressed minutely, stage by stage. As an eroded surface pattern was revealed, it became clear that replacing nature’s slow weathering with a speeded up, high-tech process was producing a fascinating new geometry. The successful development of the Erosion Bowl then formed the launch pad for two further, equally spectacular, designs:  the Erosion Platter and the Erosion Vase.

Removed from the high-tech environment of the CNC, each piece is then finished by hand. Hours of painstaking polishing and re-polishing are undertaken to achieve the high gloss interior which contrasts so vividly with the textured exterior. No matter how sophisticated automated processes become, marble still reaches its fullest decorative potential under the hand and eye of the skilled stonemason.

The Erosion Collection is launching at Maison&Objet, 20-24 January 2017 after which it will be available through Lapicida Showrooms.

Exhibiting at Maison&Objet for the first time this January, Lapicida puts new emphasis on luxury lifestyle products, launching five new accessory and furniture collections. Headlining the lineup, The Erosion Collection was commissioned by Lapicida from Ini Archibong who created three remarkable statement pieces: The Erosion Bowl, Vase and Platter. New furniture comes from the ongoing ‘Lunar’ collaboration with Lara Bohinc, the ‘Brogue’ project with Bethan Gray and the Lapicida-designed ‘Astoria’ range. Inspiring accessories from designer collaborations with both Anouska Hempel and Lara Bohinc include dramatic stone bowls, platters, obelisks and candlesticks.

Designed for walls and floors, Lapicida’s new faux Shagreen porcelain tiles echo a classic decorative theme. 

Originally made from shark and ray skins, shagreen’s unique look and texture was especially popular in Art Deco interiors.  Since then, it has been recreated in many different materials including, now, Lapicida’s luxurious porcelain tiles.

Beautifully detailed, with an authentic shagreen texture, they come in three natural colourways; the traditional grey/green, a subtle brown and a warm-toned white. Each tile measures 596mm x 596mm.


Lapicida’s new patterned tile collection connects two key trends; the rise and rise of natural stone and the return to decorative interiors.

This collection offers three geometric patterns, each in two colourways; grey and beige. Built up in contrasting marbles and limestones, the designs highlight the infinite subtlety of natural stone.

Crossover and Illusion feature trompe l’oeil themes, creating complex 3-D effects inspired by grand, classic floors. Argyle’s diamond pattern offers a more contemporary view of stone, marrying simplicity with decorative potential.  All three designs are suitable for walls and floors.


Anouska Hempel transformed interior design forever when she opened Blakes Hotel in London in 1982, one of the very first boutique hotels. She has since taken her hallmark style worldwide, with Architectural Digest twice naming her amongst the world’s Top 100 Designers. 

‘Anouska Hempel and Lapicida’ launches autumn 2016 with a collection of accessories including obelisks, plates and bowls.  Drawing on classical inspirations, these elements often feature in Anouska Hempel’s work, but are now seen through the new medium of stone.  Pure and architectural, they capture all the duality of a material which is both structural and highly decorative. 

Whether designing houses, gardens or total environments such as hotels, Anouska Hempel always specifies stone, cherishing its natural colours, rough/smooth textures and profound connection with the earth’s history.  For this collection, she chose two rare and extraordinary marbles; purest crystalline ‘Thassos White’ counterpointed by deepest ‘Infinity Black’.  Lapicida then sourced the finest grades of both stones for a manufacturing process involving countless hours of skilled hand finishing to achieve the finest form and finish.

“Inside or out, wherever I am in the world, I start every project with stone. It is the building block of my style. I am intuitively drawn to its nature and decorative potential.  The pieces I’ve designed with Lapicida can be used in so many ways - and stone makes them truly timeless.”     
- Anouska Hempel 

The elements in the collection create dramatic additions, indoors or out.  Anouska Hempel herself often places stone objects in formal garden settings, loving the natural weathering which results from leaving them outside.  As focus elements in interiors, they can be used as standalone features or as part of the luscious, opulent, grouping and ‘layering’ of decorative elements which is Anouska Hempel’s signature style.  Every piece in the collection is available in both ‘Thassos White’ and ‘Infinity Black’ marble, adding even further design potential through matching and contrasting different elements. 

The ‘Anouska Hempel and Lapicida’ collection will be available from October at Lapicida’s showrooms in London, Harrogate and New York and online at Additional elements will be added to the collection from 2017 and beyond. 

The ongoing ‘Lunar’ collaboration between luxury stone experts Lapicida and designer Lara Bohinc continues to inspire… 

The 2014 launch of the now iconic ‘Solaris’ rotating table was followed by a striking collection of dining and occasional tables in 2015. This year sees the launch of smaller, decorative pieces, carrying through the Lunar Collection’s distinctive design vocabulary. 

For Lapicida, these new pieces are yet another opportunity to showcase their exceptional materials and craftsmanship. At the heart of the new collection is the ‘Collision’ console, a complex form marrying the cool restraint of Carrara marble with the warmth of brushed brass. A natural partner to the existing tables in the collection, Collision also stands alone as an important piece in its own right. 

The dynamically poised disc forms which run throughout the entire Lunar collection take their cue from the planets and their orbital movements, concepts which Lara Bohinc also explores in her remarkable jewellery collections.  The new ‘Half Moon’ mirror takes these design signatures into an almost abstract realm:  These are bold statement pieces, confidently uniting three architectural materials, marble, mirror and brushed brass. 

The union of brass and marble continues in the ‘Star Gazer’ candlesticks inspired by orreries, mechanical models of the solar system used since classical times. Available in two designs, these candlesticks have powerful sculptural presence far exceeding their practical use.

In the hexagonal ‘Constellation’ bowls, Lara Bohinc focuses on marble, with faceted, geometric forms exploring its innate weight and decorative potential. Within the concept, she also sets an intriguing design puzzle: Each of the four sizes of bowl is available in five different marbles, posing the irresistible challenge to mix, match, set and re-set them into an almost infinite number of arrangements.

Launching at 2016 Decorex, the Lunar accessories collection will be available from October at Lapicida’s showrooms in London, Harrogate and New York and online from Autumn 2016.  It will also be available from Lara Bohinc’s Notting Hill showroom.

Decorex 2016 promises to be a spectacular year for four of our clients. Be sure to visit their stands to see all their new and exciting products!
Allyson McDermott: Stand J40

Showing at Decorex for the first time in her high profile and illustrious career, Allyson McDermott is one of the world’s leading authorities on conserving, recreating and hanging historic wallpapers.

Drummonds: Stand D20

Drummonds have conjured a surreal underwater world to showcase their classic bathroomware. Designed with Anna Glover, who specialises in the ‘beautiful and the unexpected’, this year’s stand is an opulent setting for new products including more from the ongoing collaboration with Martin Brudnizki.

Lapicida: Stand C25

Lapicida will be launching exciting accessory collaborations with leading designers Anouska Hempel and Lara Bohinc. The stand will also showcase inspiring new surfaces, together with stone objects including tables and vanity basins.

London Basin Company: Stand J54

Also a Decorex newcomer, London Basin Company makes richly decorated porcelain basins, reinventing a classic art form for contemporary bathrooms.


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