A world away from traditional taps, Zen is a pure, architectural expression of form. Designed for bathrooms, showers and kitchens, the 54 piece collection offers almost infinite choice - with the distinctive signature handles in metal, marble and onyx and the brassware in 15 finishes including polished nickel, copper, vintage brass and pewter.  

As with all Watermark Collection products, Zen is handmade in Brooklyn, New York, each piece precisely machined from solid brass, hand finished and assembled to order.  The handles are a patented magnetic design, easily removable for cleaning.  

Lapicida’s new patterned tile collection connects two key trends; the rise and rise of natural stone and the return to decorative interiors.

This collection offers three geometric patterns, each in two colourways; grey and beige. Built up in contrasting marbles and limestones, the designs highlight the infinite subtlety of natural stone.

Crossover and Illusion feature trompe l’oeil themes, creating complex 3-D effects inspired by grand, classic floors. Argyle’s diamond pattern offers a more contemporary view of stone, marrying simplicity with decorative potential.  All three designs are suitable for walls and floors.


Choosing rugs and cushions in bold hues and striking patterns will make a room feel inviting, and bring warmth into the home over the cold, dark months. Explore rich colours and layering of textures to create a warm and welcoming space.

collection of handmade rugs and cushions includes designs that are perfect for keeping the cold at bay, in vibrant festive shades. Made from 100% wool the rugs are wonderfully comfortable underfoot whilst the cushions will help to create a cosy sanctuary.

There is a wide range of designs and colours to choose from, each as practical and hardwearing as it is decorative.  


Anouska Hempel transformed interior design forever when she opened Blakes Hotel in London in 1982, one of the very first boutique hotels. She has since taken her hallmark style worldwide, with Architectural Digest twice naming her amongst the world’s Top 100 Designers. 

‘Anouska Hempel and Lapicida’ launches autumn 2016 with a collection of accessories including obelisks, plates and bowls.  Drawing on classical inspirations, these elements often feature in Anouska Hempel’s work, but are now seen through the new medium of stone.  Pure and architectural, they capture all the duality of a material which is both structural and highly decorative. 

Whether designing houses, gardens or total environments such as hotels, Anouska Hempel always specifies stone, cherishing its natural colours, rough/smooth textures and profound connection with the earth’s history.  For this collection, she chose two rare and extraordinary marbles; purest crystalline ‘Thassos White’ counterpointed by deepest ‘Infinity Black’.  Lapicida then sourced the finest grades of both stones for a manufacturing process involving countless hours of skilled hand finishing to achieve the finest form and finish.

“Inside or out, wherever I am in the world, I start every project with stone. It is the building block of my style. I am intuitively drawn to its nature and decorative potential.  The pieces I’ve designed with Lapicida can be used in so many ways - and stone makes them truly timeless.”     
- Anouska Hempel 

The elements in the collection create dramatic additions, indoors or out.  Anouska Hempel herself often places stone objects in formal garden settings, loving the natural weathering which results from leaving them outside.  As focus elements in interiors, they can be used as standalone features or as part of the luscious, opulent, grouping and ‘layering’ of decorative elements which is Anouska Hempel’s signature style.  Every piece in the collection is available in both ‘Thassos White’ and ‘Infinity Black’ marble, adding even further design potential through matching and contrasting different elements. 

The ‘Anouska Hempel and Lapicida’ collection will be available from October at Lapicida’s showrooms in London, Harrogate and New York and online at lapicida.com. Additional elements will be added to the collection from 2017 and beyond. 



Inspired by decorative porcelain from China the Lorelei basin from the London Basin Company incorporates a pattern of fish and lotus blossom, traditional symbols for abundance and wealth, adding a touch of eastern good fortune to the bathroom or cloakroom.

The hand decorated porcelain basins from the London Basin Company make perfect accent pieces for bathrooms and cloakrooms. Interior designer Anna Callis, founder of the company, draws inspiration from her travels, creating her own modern interpretations of traditional Oriental and Middle Eastern patterns.  The Lorelei basin shown here is richly decorated inside and out and has a distinctive crackle glaze finish.


Available exclusively online, the London Basin Company offers ten different basins in a variety of designs and shapes.  Every basin is a one-off, hand finished and generously sized; with dimensions running between 37.9 and 45cm in diameter and 15 to 16 cm in height.


Drummonds’ elegant ‘Hebdern’ vanity basin and minimal yet stunning ‘Nene’ shower were specified by architects and interior designers Waldo Works for this contemporary ensuite shower room in a central London apartment.

A small but perfectly created space, the ‘Nene’ shower in nickel finish is clearly seen behind the industrial style glass and metal framed shower doors which lend an air of urban chic alongside the hand glazed period style tiles in rich blue hues from Victorian Ceramics. The tiles, which run around the room and extend into the walk-in shower, were commissioned especially for the project by Waldo Works. The ‘Hebdern’ vanity from Drummonds creates a striking focal point in nickel finish with black Marquina marble that coordinates perfectly with the room’s colours and detailing.

o    Single ‘
Hebdern’ vanity 
o    Classic pop up mixer taps with ‘
Mull’ heads in nickel 
o    ‘
Nene’ shower with wall arm and 300mm shower rose in nickel 

This magnificent kitchen is the new heart of a family home. A place where three generations come together to cook, eat, relax and enjoy quality time. It’s the second kitchen which these clients have commissioned from Martin Moore, the first being for a holiday house. This new project, in their Wirral home, is on an altogether grander scale, occupying a purpose built extension with a commanding view of the surrounding gardens.

Martin Moore designer Matthew Sedgwick designed both the holiday home kitchen and this new one. Involved right from the first discussions of the project, it was Matthew who suggested an extension both as the way to gain space for the new kitchen and to make sense of the room flow through the ground floor of the house.  Pushing out from the original house, it mirrors a large modern conservatory extension at the other end of the building, connecting ‘inside with outside’ in new, very useable ways and restoring the symmetry of the building. 

Light and bright, the kitchen hits a ‘classic contemporary’ note which perfectly suits both the house and its owners, with their large family of children and grandchildren. Cooking and eating together was one of the key drivers of both the form of the kitchen and its functions, but an unfussy, uncluttered aesthetic was just as important. The architecture of the original house has an Arts & Crafts feel, which is subtly referenced in the proportions and detailing of the new kitchen.

Large areas of glass walling limit the physical area available for kitchen cabinetry, so Matthew Sedgwick devised two L-shaped runs, one fitting within the other to create a brilliantly ergonomic solution. The outer run includes a beautifully fitted out larder cupboard, an appliance cupboard housing the microwave, toaster and other electricals on top with crockery below, and a tall fridge freezer. The return has been cleverly extended visually to run out into the glass roofed area, creating generous space for the large hob feature flanked by ovens and extensive storage. 

Mirroring the L-shape, the island puts every facility within immediate reach. Two warming ovens situated just below worktop height directly face the hob zone for ideal functionality. Other seamlessly designed-in conveniences include two separate sinks, a dishwasher, bins and additional storage.  A deep overhang creates an informal seating area.  

The adjacent round table provides kitchen dining for immediate family, with a large more formal dining room close by - accessible either straight through the house or, in fine weather, straight across the terrace.  As part of the kitchen, Matthew Sedgwick also designed a purpose-fitted utility room which leads out through a boot room into the garden, keeping all wet or dirty tasks out of the main kitchen area.

Because Martin Moore kitchens are entirely built to order in their Yorkshire workshops, there are no prescribed designs or sizes to limit either the client’s brief or the designer. This allows a completely bespoke response which respects and enhances the architecture of the room whilst putting every inch of space to its most effective use.  As this kitchen shows, this level of thoughtful organisation and zoning is just as crucial to large kitchens as to small ones.  

Kitchen details

All cabinetry from Martin Moore’s ‘Architectural’ collection, combining hand painted elements (colours from Paint & Paper Library ‘Stone’ range) and natural oak with a lacquered finish

Worktops: Caesarstone Osprey quartz (polished)

Floor:  Aged Melbury limestone by Martin Moore Stone


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