APRIL 28TH 2016
In partnership with Asda and designed by Stephen Welch & Alison Doxey

24th-28th May 2016

Lapicida’s natural stone paving forms a backdrop for the powerful narrative of ‘
The Garden Bed’, designed by horticulturalists Stephen Welch and Alison Doxey for the 2016 RHS Chelsea Flower Show. 

Reflecting the theme of this year’s Show, ‘Health, Happiness and Horticulture’, the stand is conceived from the viewpoint of a hospice bed, connecting the patient directly with nature and the emotional benefits of a lushly planted garden sanctuary. 

Luxury stone experts 
Lapicida have worked with Stephen Welch for many years, providing stone surfaces and statuary for his garden designs. Delighted to be invited to participate in this Show Garden, they have supplied two co-ordinating pavements; Limestone, laid inside the stand, and reclaimed York Stone forming the exterior terrace where visitors will stand. The natural stone sits beautifully within the designers’ concept of “a homely, familiar space” which both invigorates and calms.  

Lapicida’s luxurious stone products and bespoke services combine traditional masonry skills with hi-tech capabilities. In Lapicida’s hands, stone comes alive, yielding up the secrets of its composition and myriad natural colours.  The London flagship showroom showcases an extraordinary range of products, from floors and tiles to murals and exterior paving as well as baths, basins, sculptures and architectural features. From unique surface finishes to 3-D objects in stone, Lapicida’s offering starts from the premise that anything is possible. This is bespoke British craftsmanship at its best.
APRIL 27TH 2016

New at Alternative Bathrooms, the Summit 2.0 collection brings texture and tone to the bathroom in a simple yet beautifully organised way…
The collection offers a wealth of modular cabinet options with new finishes including natural and stained timbers. These pick up on the boutique hotel-led trend of using natural wood in the bathroom - as a beautiful counterpoint to clean, bright whites.
Shown here from Summit 2.0 Collection
Vanity unit in White Oak. W152 x H49 x D51cm
Gloss white worktop, £504 with Yak Out ceramic basin in gloss finish, W58 x D38cm
Wall storage unit in White Oak with white gloss lacquer sides, W62.5 x H72cm
Mirror cabinet with gloss white lacquer frame, W62.5 x H72cm + Elle light 
APRIL 26TH 2016

Oriental in inspiration, the richly decorated and coloured Yasmin basin from the London Basin Company is where boho chic meets contemporary bathroom style.   

The hand decorated porcelain basins from the London Basin Company make perfect accent pieces for bathrooms and cloakrooms. Interior designer Anna Callis, founder of the company, draws inspiration from her travels, creating her own modern interpretations of traditional Oriental and Middle Eastern patterns. Lushly patterned inside and out, the Yasmin basin shown here combines traditional and contemporary colours, given extra depth by gold highlights.

Available exclusively online, the London Basin Company offers ten different basins in a variety of designs and shapes. Every basin is a one-off, hand finished and generously sized; with dimensions running between 37.9 and 45cm in diameter and 15 to 16cm in height.  
APRIL 25TH 2016

High-tech, bespoke glass buildings from The Caulfield Company combine the pleasures of indoor/outdoor living with state-of-the-art thermal performance. Automated shading and temperature control are operated through built-in weather stations for perfect climate control. This is tried and tested intelligent technology, widely used in commercial buildings and now being applied to domestic projects from garden room extensions to modern conservatories and freestanding glass pavilions.

At the heart of The Caulfield Company’s designs are pioneering roof and door systems which offer not only the highest possible strength, noise cancelling and thermal values (up to Passivhaus requirements) but also the ability to create spectacular structures.

Shown here: A custom built garden room designed to be used all year round, winter and summer, as living/dining/family space. The roof, walls and bi-fold doors are double glazed and thermally broken (a barrier between the inside and outside frames which prevents heat loss) for optimum insulation. State of the art aluminium construction gives the building strength, whilst still remaining graceful. A built in automatic weather station controls an externally mounted awning and electronic roof vents, opening and closing them in response to weather conditions.  Far more effective than internal shading, the external awning acts as a physical barrier to heat entering the building, making it just as comfortable on a hot summer day as in the depths of winter.  

APRIL 21ST 2016

Most Shyrdaks are made exclusively by interlocking pieces of felt, but there are two, fairly rare, traditional designs which also have raised applique detail borders. These add yet another dimension to the character and beauty of these handmade pieces.   

Sewn onto the felt at the end of the rug making, they feature white zig zag borders sewn with either multi-coloured polka dots, representing balloons, or white flowers with pink centres.

The balloon motif evokes the elaborate decoration of tribal yurts for festivals and celebrations, whilst the flower design is a celebration of the lush meadows where the flocks are taken to graze in summer months. 

Left image shows: Raised balloon motif borders represent the nomads’ elaborate decoration of tribal yurts for special festivals.

Right image shows: Raised flower motif borders represent the nomads’ lush summer grazing grounds.
APRIL 19TH 2016

With the rising incidence of unexplained allergies and chronic diseases, especially in children, “passive paint inhalation” from synthetic and petrochemical-based products is increasingly looking like a prime suspect.  Painted surfaces in our homes give off toxins and dangerous VOCs (volatile organic compounds) for up to five years and synthetic, petrochemical-based paints are also notoriously wasteful, yielding up to 30 litres of toxic waste per litre of paint manufactured.  

Now Edward Bulmer Natural Paint is introducing a revolutionary 
new paint - the first natural emulsion formulated to be just as easy to apply as ‘plastic’ paints.  

Solvent-free, the new emulsion is made exclusively from natural raw materials, free from all synthetic ingredients and with zero VOC emissions.  Non-drip, it gives excellent coverage and a superior matt finish. Crucially too, as with all Edward Bulmer paints, its formulation allows both people and buildings to breathe naturally. Suitable for all interior walls and ceilings, it also offers the great advantage of not needing a separate primer (except on bare plaster).

One of Britain’s leading interior designers and architectural historians, Edward Bulmer is a dedicated eco-crusader.  Deeply concerned with a wide range of environmental issues, he launched his first collection of all natural paints in 2003 and has spent years researching this new, easy to use, high-performance emulsion.  It is available in all 72 of Edward’s inspiring colours.  Formulated using only natural earth and mineral pigments, they give unique depth and range of colour across a shade card ideal for both period and contemporary settings. 
APRIL 6TH 2016

Art deco meets architectural in the new Mirrored Obelisk bed by Simon Horn.
A brilliant, contemporary, four poster, it combines the sheer glamour of mirrored glass with the luxury of mahogany. The wood outlines the form, whilst the mirror confers an ethereal lightness. Soaring obelisk posts give the bed its name and increase its dramatic presence.  This is the ultimate statement four poster. 

Handmade and hand finished, the Mirrored Obelisk is available in several sizes.

APRIL 4TH 2016

Troo Heath-Crew’s Sumo bench takes its inspiration from Japanese wrestlers, embodying their strength and low centre of gravity, but also their exceptional grace. The crisp, geometric precision of this piece underlines the exceptional skills and craftsmanship involved in its making. Built on a grand scale, at 2.2 metres in length, the Sumo bench combines a bold, contemporary aesthetic with brilliant practical detailing.

Conceived as a statement entrance-hall piece, it also incorporates cleverly planned storage: The two wool upholstered seats, each with their own side table, lift to reveal a roomy interior for shoes and boots. Nestled within the storage area, two removable leather-lined ‘trugs’ hold small objects from gloves and keys to dog leads. Hi-tech hinges hold the tops open at any given angle and prevent accidental slamming. 

The Sumo bench is built to order in Tree Couture’s North London workshops. The timber is solid sustainable American Black Walnut, each board hand selected for its colour and figure. The seat pads and inset panels (all removable for cleaning) are upholstered to order in the client’s own choice of fabric. Made to commission, in a limited edition of 25, each Sumo bench is inlaid with a gold Tree Couture maker’s mark and an individually numbered disc. 


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