JULY 23RD 2015

The nomadic peoples of the remote Tien Shan Mountains in Kyrgyzstan have made Shyrdak felted wool rugs for over two and a half thousand years. Still made outdoors by tribal women, each rug takes a master cutter and her team up to 20 days to complete, cutting and stitching complex geometric shapes onto the flattened felt base. Every Shyrdak tells a unique story, using design motifs from an ancient decorative vocabulary.

The first company to import these works of art direct from their makers, Felt has built an international clientele of interior designers, architects and individual clients. Projects have included prestigious hotels, embassies, offices and private homes.

Exhibiting at 
Decorex for the first time since 2008, Felt is showing an inspiring range of new and vintage rugs and cushions. Shyrdak colours range from the dazzlingly bright to subtly muted tones, offering decorative possibilities for contemporary and traditional interiors. Perfect for floors and walls, sizes go from small (0.8m x 1m) up to room sized (2m x 3.5m) and larger. Felt always holds an extensive stock of rugs, with regular consignments of new pieces, but clients can also commission bespoke rugs in their chosen colours, patterns and sizes.


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